With an ear pressed firmly to the ground, Max Chapman’s Resonance Records has always provided a platform for not only the biggest names on the scene, but also those trying to get their big break and get their voice heard. ALTO is the label’s latest discovery and his K-Town EP is seriously slick as his debut release. All pretty standard so far, but when you learn that ALTO is just 15 you’ll appreciate why we had to speak to him to find out a bit more about the release…


So, who exactly is ALTO?

I’m a producer from London and the name ALTO comes from the term for the highest musical note form which refelects my overall goal of hoping to make it to the top of this industry. I hope to do this this by making records that DJs want to play which people will then enjoy making them dance – that’s the most important thing for me.

You’ve just released your debut EP on Resonance Records – that’s a pretty big deal, how did it come about?

It’s still a bit surreal but it’s all thanks to the power of social media! I sent in some demos and Max came back to me and said he really liked them, and it just went from there. This is all new to me but the team at Resonance have all been very supportive and have made sure that I’m involved across every step of the process.

Have you been happy with the promo feedback so far? Are there any DJs playing it who have surprised you?

I’ve been really pleased and encouraged by the promo feedback definitely – there’s been a wide range of artists who have liked the EP and their kind words which many of them gave on their feedback is amazing to see. One of the DJs who surprised me the most was Francisco Allendes due to him playing both tracks on his back to back Ants radio shows which I was really buzzing about. The first time I saw K-Town being played out to a crowd was on a live stream from BPM Festival by Danny Serranno which was an amazing feeling.

A lot of people will be surprised to find out that you’re only 15 considering the high standard of the production – how long have you been making music?

I started making music when I was 10 years old on a free download of FL Studio10 and it kind of grew on from there. Then when I was around 11-12 I upgraded to Ableton and have been producing on that ever since. I learnt a lot about how to produce from YouTube tutorials and spending hours teaching myself through trial and error!

Are there any producers that you’d love to collab with?

One of the main producers that I would love to collab with would be wAFF – his sets always seem really fun and he’s got so many tracks that he has produced which I have loved playing on my live streams. There’s one in particular that I am really looking forward to playing which is the B-side of his forthcoming release on Desolat.

Has dance music always been your passion? Is there a track or producer which got you into it in the first place?

I have grown up in a house full of dance music – it’s all I listen to and for as long as I can remember it’s all I’ve wanted to do.

It’s a tough industry to get noticed in, especially when you aren’t playing gigs – how did you manage to get your music heard by the right people?

Through the power of social media I have been able to connect with producers and music makers all around the world. Through my live DJ streams, I have been able to remove the age barrier and connect with a wider audience. I’ve spent a lot of time researching who’s who in the industry and working out who the people I should be contacting and sending my music to.

Over the last few years I have also been lucky enough to attend IMS in Ibiza, ADE in Amsterdam and BMC in Brighton which has helped further my connections in the industry.

Do you hope to be DJing in clubs in a few years, or are you more at home in the studio as a producer do you think?

I can’t wait to be old enough to DJ in clubs and festivals around the world. I enjoy producing my own tracks too as I get to release all my creative energy!

And finally, what’s next after this EP? Do you have anything else that you’re working on?

I’m always working on new tracks and I hope to release my next EP within the next few months…watch this space!


ALTO – K-Town EP
Resonance Records


1. Kalsungo
2. K-Town