The boys from Cologne on a massive sausage roll. World watch out

Interview : Dan Prince

Tobias, Simon…welcome to DMCWORLD. Exciting times for you right now with some big releases dropping on Get Physical and Stil Vor Talent. Talk us through the tunes…

“Hey Dan. Well, ‘The Wizard Of Us” is a peak time pumper that also possesses a sweet side. We tried to tell a saga, to evoke an image of a time long ago to move, not only the feet on the dance floor, but also the minds of the listener. After all the ubiquity of deep house we wanted to break borders; wanted to bring back something different to the scene. ‘Hausch’ is a typical andhim song, putting a smile on people’s face. It’s a very warm and laid-back track to welcome the spring. And our rmx for HVOB is something we are very proud of. One of our best works so far. You have to check it out!”


andhim – The Wizard Of Us official video

Miami must seem like a distant memory now, your tour commitments meant you could only play the one party, the Listed Ship of Fools boat party. You played a lot of unreleased tracks, what were the ones that really went down a storm?

“We believe the people didn’t know that much of our songs. Even the older ones, so almost every record we dropped was a winner. “Hausch” is also perfect for a morning boat party.”

How was Miami for you, many people are claiming you were two of the biggest ‘breakthrough’ artists of WMC…thoughts on that?

“Incredible. We never thought about such a massive feedback. We are really happy and hope to be back soon.”

I have just had a recce of your diary, wow you have a schedule! You obviously spend a lot of time together, if you could change one thing about each other what would it be?

Simon: “Tobis’ snoring.”

Tobias: “Simon’s sniveling.”

These past few weeks has seen you DJ in Berlin, Augsburg and Dortmund – all across your home country. Where are the clubs really firing in Germany right now?

“Well, it depends. Berlin and Hamburg are always on fire when we play there. But also our hometown Cologne and especially the cities in the south have a lot of andhim friends.”

You were once asked why you got involved with dance music in the first place, you replied Daft Punk. So, what do you think of the new album?

“Since we were on tour the whole time we couldn’t pre listen to it so far. But we will very soon. Ask us again then!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning…

Andhim – Hausch

Kolsch – Zig

Ian Pooley – 1984 feat. Högni Egiltsson     

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer        

Andhim, HVOB – Always Like This

Man Tear – Outside Amore (Original Version)     

Andhim – The Wizard Of Us

Marlon Hoffstadt, Dansson – Hot Strings

Terranova – Wunderdub

Pictures feat. Josa Peit (Original Mix)        

Simon you now live in Berlin whilst Tobias remains in your hometown of Cologne. To both of you, what is the best and worst thing about living in your towns?

Tobias: “I like the small Techno/House Szene in Cologne and the short distance to my family and friends and to the Frankfurt International Airport. I don’t like the distance of 600km to Berlin.”

Simon: “I love to live next to two of the biggest parks in Berlin where I can do a picnic with tonnes of Turkish food for less than 5 Euros. I don’t like the prostitutes that much. Cologne has definitely better ones!”

Tobias everyone at DMC know you as part of Noisy Stylus, superb DMC Champions from over a decade ago. Who were the DMC turntable champions that you drew inspiration from in the early days?

“I really loved Q-Bert and the X-Men but the biggest inspiration was D-Styles although he never was a champion, was he?”

Do you still keep an eye on the turntable scene?

“Not really. The scene and especially the contests lost a lot of soul with its pre-produced routines.” 

So, who brings what to the studio process, who excels where…?

“We both have our own super power we bring to the studio. When it comes to digging samples and finding ideas Tobias is the man but when there has to do the fine tuning and arrangement I can help out. We work very well together.”

You have another mad summer round the corner, lots of festivals plus your Ibiza debut with Get Physical at Privilige’s excellent Vista club. You excited, what are you expecting from devils island?

“Well, we expect a lot of fun since we almost know everybody else who is going to play with us. There will be DJ T, MANDY, Pan Pot, Steve Bug and other cool cats. Best thing will be our artist villa where we all gonna spend our Ibiza time. It’s gonna be like “girls gone wild” but only with DJs.”

Who are some of the up and coming producers we should be watching out for coming from German shores

“Andhim seems to be quite cool. You really have to check them out!”

It may not be good for our image, but andhim really love…


Who is the figure from history you would most like to share a beer with?

“Kurt Tucholsky, to show him the present Berlin.”

What is the greatest record you have ever played to a dancefloor? 

“Haddaway – ‘What Is Love’.”

Where have been some of the stand out gigs over the winter from around the world for you?

“Wow, there were a lot but Melbourne, New York and Mexico City were really strong and gigs to remember. Although they are so far away from home.”

nd finally. What are your tips for perfect beard grooming?

“You have to crème your face with horse poo-poo twice a day. It’s magical!”


andhim – The Wizard Of Us official video Soundcloud links


Selected tour dates:

18. May // Holi Festival, Sindelfingen (DE)
19. May // Borderline, Basel (CH)
19. May // Stinnes Park, Freiburg (DE)
25. May // Hive, Zürich (CH)
29. May // Loft, Ludwigshafen (DE)
01. Jun // RheinFeier, Duesseldorf (DE)
01. Jun // Festival, Saarbruecken (DE)
05. Jun // Bar O Nice, Nizza (FR)
07. Jun // Seltsames Verhalten, Aachen (DE)
08. Jun // Merseburger Schlossgraben, Merseburg (DE)
12. Jun // Ubu, Toulouse (FR)
16. Jun // Holifest, Munich (DE)
23. Jun // Odonien, Köln (DE)
26. Jun // Weekend, Berlin (DE)
27.-30. Jun // Fusion Festival (DE)
06. Jul // I live Vinyl Festival, Thueringen (DE)
06. Jul // Soundbad Festival, Speassart (DE)
09. Jul // Vista Club, Ibiza (ES)
13. Jul // Moerse Festival, Alkmaar (NL)
13. Jul // The Woods, Bruxelles (BE)
21. Jul // Melt Festival (DE)
26. Jul // Ego, Hamburg (DE)
27. Jul // Helene Beach Festival, Frankfurt / Oder (DE)
28. Jul // Frischluft Electronic Festival, Kitzingen (DE)
02. Aug // Klangtherapie Festival, Bamberg (DE)
03. Aug // Panoramabar, Berlin (DE)
06. Aug // Vista Club, Ibiza (ES)
10. Aug // Hive, Streetparade, Zurich (CH)
16. Aug // Holifest, Mannheim (DE)
16. Aug // MTV Beats, Essigfabrik, Cologne (DE)
23. Aug // Pratersauna, Vienna (AT)
24. Aug // Isle of Summer Fest, Munich (DE)
31. Aug // Rakete, Nuernberg (DE)
31. Aug // Wapelbad Festival, Gütersloh (DE)
20. Sept // Amsterdam Studio´s, Amsterdam (NL)
24. Sept // Vista Club, Ibiza (ES)
29. Sept // Pollerwiesen Boot, Cologne (DE)
31. Oct // Cabaret Sauvage, Paris (FR)
07. Dec // Time Warp Holland…