Anna Tur

DMCWORLD checks in with the Ibiza legend as she embarks on her new radio adventure ‘On Air with Anna Tur’. A huge favourite on the white island and all over the world, we grab a world exclusive as she begins the most important phase of her illustrious career to date…

Photos by Mario Pinta

Recently, there has been a demonstration in Spain defending the culture, including the clubbing scene. How is the current situation of the electronic music scene and which are your requests?

Yes, the “MUTE” movement that took place all over the country. Thousands of people in all the cities of Spain and what it claimed is the regularization of the sector, to find solutions and to adapt them to this new normality. A safe leisure, with restrictions. What cannot be, is that we have been waiting 9 months for solutions. Both the locals and the staff who are part of this industry. What called our attention is a communication from “MUTE” where they wanted to express that everything that nightlife entails in a club format, as well as the “djs” were not part of this movement, which has meant a quite remarkable discomfort in some figures of the leisure sector.

You’re from Ibiza, what is happening on the island? 

Not only in Ibiza but all over the Balearic Islands, you can “smell” a political strategy that wants to move leisure away from “a future tourist model”. They don’t know what they are doing. A few days ago, it was in the news that Ibiza is the only island that has not obtained even one euro of autonomous funding for the development of a sustainable tourism model. Everything for Mallorca and Menorca. It can be seen that their plan “b” was not interesting enough or that the project proposals were not up to par with the rest of the islands. We would have to know why. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am in favour of eco-tourism, but combined with other attractions, such as leisure; day and night.

Do you think that the whole scene will be able to survive? And do you think that we could learn something positive about this situation?

We have strength, desire, hope… but unfortunately many will stay on the road, who will take other lifestyles, away from music and show business. After 7 months, I can no longer find anything positive in terms of the economy and on a social level. 

How are you personally dealing with all of this changes?

With a lot of learning. We are more fragile than we thought. You can have an idyllic life and everything can become a nightmare overnight if you don’t know how to channel it. As I say, I have learned many things, I have recycled myself, I have put aside many toxic things in my life, I have spent more time with my family, I have changed my habits, I have done more sports, I have eaten better and I have discovered a new method called Kap, which has made me strong and has also empowered me to propose new challenges and a lot of strength to resolve them. I feel at a good moment in my life, although I’m very eager to start again on a professional level.

These past few months you’ve been going through a lot of changes in your life. First you took the decision of leaving Ibiza Global Radio, after 16 years as its general manager. Why? 

Those changes I told you about in the previous question are the result of this decision. The straw that broke the camel’s back, I couldn’t take any more situations that went beyond my team, which I love. There are things that I won’t tolerate again in my life, I left my guts there, but I wouldn’t change the outcome. It was the best thing that could happen to me. I feel sorry for my emotional bond, but less and less every day. I am excited about new projects.

Did you feel like you needed more freedom to explore more possibilities? 

Absolutely yes. You said it, I feel free and very peaceful. My friends and family tell me that I look younger than ever, haha.

And now you’re fully involved with your new project: “On Air With Anna Tur”. Tell us about this new radio show. How did you develop the idea? What is your purpose with it? What kind of music and artists can we expect?

Yes, it’s my little corner, where I do what I like, which is mixing music and making radio. 2 in 1, since now the performances are scarce, very scarce. My purpose is to keep connected to my followers, especially those on the radio, who are used to connecting with me through that magycal channel. They were asking me and I didn’t hesitate to do it. Guests, all those who have passed through my life and who want to participate!

What makes it different from other radio shows? 

Well, I don’t think I’ve discovered anything new. Pure radio essence, voice-over, highlighting 4 or 5 works in each radioshow, we talk a little about the moment I record the session, which is very much in tune with my mood, so you can listen sets that range from the most organic to the most industrial. Pure feeling!

“On Air With Anna Tur” also has international guests. Who would be your absolute dream guest? And how do you decide whom to invite? 

Yes, but I can’t tell you who, because I haven’t talked to them yet. I have my wishlist haha. I would love to have artists and producers of all statuses, not only international, but good talents, special beings.

And finally, what can you tell us about your future? Any new projects, releases? 

I’m working on a new Ep, with a more techno essence and waiting to record the whole vocal part. Also, a few months ago we launched IMA (Ibiza Music Agency), together with a team of professionals, including two colleagues from Ibiza Global Radio, who decided to “jump the ship” and we are dedicated to providing communication and musical services for artists and brands. The truth is that we are having a lot of acceptance, despite the fact that the world and above all the industry is in a very delicate moment at the level of investments and taking decisions that involve risks.