15 Golden Years Of Moonbootique


Interview by Dan Prince


Ante, a huge welcome to DMCWORLD…where on planet earth are you right now?

Thx a lot. Just in the train at Berlin main station about to leave into the weekend madness…

The best piece of new music you have heard today?

Funnily, I’ve discovered the band ANNEMAIKANTEREIT. It’s a German indie band. And they got my attention with a cover version of “Roxanne”. Usually I’m not into indie sounds, but this cover version really kicked me.

You are part of the team responsible for a monumental new release in the ’15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records’. Two CDs – one from the vaults of time and one from recent releases. Let’s kick off with a little history though. What is your earliest memory of music?

It all started in 1988 when I was 8. My mother had cassettes from Modern Talking. I always heard this music when I went to bed. At the age of 10, I bought my first single CD. It was Michael Jacksons “Black or White”. So within two years I made it from Modern Talking to MJ!!

How did you discover electronic music?

I started to DJ at the age of 11 in 1991. I was resident in a youth center. I played all kind of music, including Dr. Albans No Coke, U96 Das Boot. For me this was the first touch on electronic music. In 1994, I went to my first rave, where Westbam, Marusha and DJ Dick had played. So got educated very early…

What did your family think of your career choice?

My mom didn’t understand why I quit playing soccer and bought turntables the day after. This was in 2000. Several years later, somebody said to her: “Hi Mrs Perry”, while she was working. At this point she understood, that her son is doing something, which gets a lot of attention.

What is the worst job you have ever had?

Actually it was my year at social service. I worked in a hospital in the technical department. My job was to copy & cut technical draws in a 2qm room the whole day. It sucked big time.

Early musical influences?

Michael Jackson, Grandmaster Flash, Marky Mark, Kriss Kross, Dr. Alban, 2Unlimited, Guns´n´Roses, Puff Daddy, Yello, Fünf Sterne Deluxe, Absolute Beginner and many more… but my biggest influence was Oldschool Hip Hop.


Can you remember when you Moonbootique first appeared on your radar, what were the early tracks that grabbed your attention and what was it about the label’s sound you fell in love with?

It was the very first release which got already my attention. There was a track by Cram named “Static”. It was a kind of big beat oldschool track with a German vocal. The sound of Moonbootique had no borders. You could not put it into a desk. This was and is still the same with my sound.

Tunes from the vaults! A bunch of your own classics such as ‘Beachpower’ and ‘Human You’ nestle in their nicely…what were some of the other huge tracks from yesteryear just had to be included and why?

Moonbootique released a lot of music which influenced me. Of course tracks from Tobi & Kowe like Der Mond, Bulldog Beats, June etc. Also Monossurround, Malente and Tagteam Terror released awesome music on this label.

CD2 brings us right back to date and includes your exclusive track ‘The Axis of Awesome’…talk us through the tune…

The track is based on four chords. When Tube & Berger and I produced EVER NEVER, which also was released on Moonbootique, we watched a video on Youtube by a comedy band named “The Axis Of Awesome”, in order of searching for ideas. They played every single pop song from the last 40 years, just by playing the same 4 chords. And everything fitted perfectly. If you want to make a hit, then you have to produce a 4 chords song. So Tube was searching for 4 chords until we found it. And I did the same with my track.

The album coincides with the release of your ‘As The World’ EP. Again, please talk us through the music and collabs on another Moonbootique Records smash…
Actually “Ever Never” was the last song I released on Moonbootique. This was in 2010. Don’t call it a comeback, but you can say, I am back now on the label. To be honest, this is the first release on Moonbootique which I produced all alone. All the other tracks and remixes were made by the help of Tube & Berger. Except of one remix, where I collaborated with Katermukke owner Dirty Doering for Moonbooticas track “Superdrive”.

You had a monster of a summer with DJ sets all over Europe and beyond. Where were some of your favourite gigs of the hot days and nights?

Yes, indeed. The hottest day was in Capetown in January where I played for the We Love Summer crew. It was 38 degrees. I also had a great time at Sass in Vienna, Hive Club in Zurich and Kloster in Istanbul this year, just to mention “hot” nights as well…

The 5 big tunes in your box this weekend

I made a remix of an upcoming be an ape release, which will be given a first test this weekend. I cannot say more, but I am 200% satisfied with the result. My friend and neighbour Flo Mrzdk will release a bomb EP on Mukke, which is also in my set. Curry & Krawall’s remix of ‘Luv it’ by Artenvielfalt is not only released on Moonbootique, it also destroys every dancefloor. Dale Middletons remix of Energy 52´s superhit ‘Café Del Mar’ will be also give a spin and of course also the tracks my current EP on Moonbootique.

An up and coming producer to watch out for in 2017…

Above I mentioned Flo Mrzdk. The last three EP’s from him were just ace. If he keeps on this way it could be a great 2017 for him. And I would like to mention Jonathan Kaspar from Cologne. He released an EP on my label be an ape last year, followed up by releases on Pets Recordings and Objektivity this year. Go Flo, go Joni

And finally, what’s coming next from the great Ante Perry studio…

The next EP is a collab with Paji on Kittball Records, followed by a collab with Dirty Doering on Lou Lou records, followed by a collab with Maxim Lany on Lany Recodings. And last but not least I’m just finishing my very first artist album, which is planned to be released in March/April 2017. Stay tuned….

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 15 Golden Years Of Moonbootique

Label: Moonbootique Records
Cat: mooncd06

Out now…