firenze 20.11.2015: maurizio dami, music producer. foto guido mannucci

Back to Mine with Alexander Robotnick

The legendary Alexander Robotnick (a nickname Maurizio Dami assumed in the 80’s) is a towering name in Florentine music and someone who very much defined the early disco scene thanks to a superb run of enduring club cuts, not least his seminal ‘Problèmes D’amour’. Although he is now in his 70s, he is still kicking out essential jams. His music features plenty of the arpeggios that have always given his music its character, coming on labels like Permanent Vacation, Clone, Bordello a Parigi and Bosconi Records. As the Italian electronic music pioneer returns with a fab new album, ‘Simple Music’, this winter, DMCWorld goes back to mine with the mighty Alexander Robotnick.

Kraftwerk – Computer World

I listened to their music for the first time in a show at the Squat Theatre . It was a pure soundtrack with melodies made with electronics. Wow ! The Computer World came later.

Computerwelt (2009 Remaster)

John Fox – Metamatic

This is genuine “Synth Pop”: fascinating melodies and his voice seems to come from another planet.

The Residents – Commercial Album

Whenever I want to cheer up I listen to the Commercial Album. The world seen from its perspective looks really weird. But the real world is even more bizarre .

Playlist: The Residents - Commercial Album

Suicide – The Second Album

This is probably one of the albums I have most listened to. It resonates at a darker level of my mind and sounds cathartic. Martin Rev is a genius and Alan Vega the American voice taken to its extreme.

Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne

Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians

Pure magic, but carefully programmed and played. Despite being very long I never get bored of it. It’s 6/8 rhythm takes numberless forms. Hypnotic

Music for 18 Musicians

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue

This is just one of many Miles’ tracks that I love. You listen to such tracks once in a while all throughout your life.

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (Full Album)

John Coltrane – Coltrane

This one too is just one of many that I love. Here the mythical quartet attains a true state of art. While listening to it, you understand that music is a dimension and any melody played by Coltrane and McCoy Tyner creates a wider one.

Playlist: John Coltrane – 𝘊𝘰𝘭𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘦 (1962)

Weather Report – Sweet Nighter

It was my introduction to Fusion music and immediately afterwards to Jazz. This track and Misterious Traveler represent the band’s best period. After that they became a bit more commercial .

Playlist: Weather Report - Sweetnighter

Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street

I listened to it in Summer 1972 at a club under the bridge at Vondelpark ( now the club is gone ). It had just been released and came to me wrapped in a smoke cloud. Mesmerizing.

The R̲o̲lling S̲tones - E̲xile on M̲a̲in St Full Album 1972

Manuel Gottshing – E2-E4

It’s perfect on a trip by car but also at a country house and with friends at dinner. I love the improvisation on guitar which sounds so natural and heartfelt and not a single note is wrong! (but one)

Alexander Robotnick ‘Simple Music’ Album will be released on December 2nd on Hot Elephant.