Back To Mine With André Winter

André Winter’s massive release history of way more than 75+ releases graced and credited with his name include remix works for the likes of Underworld, D.H.S., Chemical Brothers, and many others being released on prolific labels like Bush, Superstition, Kompakt or Ideal Audio, amongst others. As his new collab remix with Mark Romboy of Josh Wink’s ‘Talking to You’ drops on Ovum Records, DMCWorld goes back to mine with André Winter.

Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon

This bass line has so much character and drama, unequalled to this day.

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon (Official Video by Quentin Dupieux - 1997 - F Communications)


I saw LFO live with Nightmares On Wax in Hamburg. I was still a teenager and everything was exciting. After a two-hour train ride, we went to a club near the Reeperbahn. Both bands fought over who had the most bass; I don’t remember who won, but it was epic.

LFO - LFO (Official Video)

Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter

Meat Beat Manifesto were an absolute source of inspiration for me, the mixture of so many styles made them so unique. Pioneers of new music genres like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin and so many others have endlessly sampled from them.

Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon (1990)

Leftfield feat. Africa Bambaata – Africa Shox

I listened to Leftfield’s first two albums over and over again. It’s hard to pick just one song, because almost every song stands on its own. Great productions, sounds still fresh today.

Leftfield feat. Africa Bambaata - Africa Shox

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Great song, great video, great vocoder…

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

Nitzer Ebb – Control, I’m Here

When I was 14, I went to my first concert and Nitzer Ebb were the opening act for Depeche Mode. In retrospect, Nitzer Ebb had a much bigger impact on me. Very electronic, minimal and raw. Shortly after that I bought my first computer, with a 4-track music software program.

Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)

Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At

This song still puts me always in a good mood, from the first tone. The combination of the Gary Newman sample and the energetic house beats just makes you bang your head immediately.

Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (Official Video)

F.U.S.E. – Substance Abuse

My first release was a 3-track EP, each made with just a TR-909, two TB-303s and a TR-606. At the time, Plus8 Records had a big influence on me; I tore apart almost every record they released and wondered how they did it. Unfortunately the internet didn’t exist yet. This track is still in my Rekordbox.

F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse

Drax – Amphetamine

I remember the first time I heard this track in the club in the 90s. Haze, strobelight and sweat running off the walls…

Drax - Amphetamine (1994)

X 101 – Sonic Destroyer
Underground Resistance was another label that I adored, Lots of interesting artists, but all kind of dark and menacing.
X 101 - Sonic Destroyer (Original Mix)

Josh Wink ‘Talking to You’ (Marc Romboy & André Winter Remix) is out now on Ovum Records.