Back To Mine With Ava Irandoost

Ava Irandoost is an award winning filmmaker, performance artist, music producer, and Dj. She grew up in Tehran, and left her country at the age of 18 to study architecture at The University of the Arts in Berlin, where she received her Masters in Architecture. There, Irandoost discovered the multifaceted nature of her character, and the desire to tell stories through different manifestations of art; expressing herself through video work, writing, film, and music.

Her latest single, ‘C I N E R E O U S’, appears on Intended Consequence, a new VA compilation from Apranik Records that champions a fresh lineup of Iranian women musicians and producers from across the electronic music spectrum. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Ava Irandoost.

Nimeye Gomshodeye Man – Googoosh

As a little kid, I used to put on a Googoosh video cassette and dance and sing along for hours, especially to this song. I was so in love with her that I wanted to marry her once I became an adult.

Nimeh Gomshodeh Man

Bendaly Family – Do You Love Me

“Do you love me? Do you, do you?” Lots of laughter and singing at the afters with this wonderful collision of Western and Eastern music by the Jackson 5 of Lebanon.

Bendaly Family-Do you love me

Jesus Christ Superstar – Heaven On The Minds

A masterpiece in all aspects. I could play this one over and over again and discover new nuances in it. So minimal and yet complex.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) - Heaven on Their Minds Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Marcia Baïla – Les Rita Mitsouko

My friend introduced me to Les Rita Mitsouko while we were studying architecture together. It was one of the songs we listened to during our endless nights building models at the studio. I’ll forever and always get excited about the fantastic combinations of elements in the storytelling, both musically and visually.

Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baïla (Clip Officiel)

Steve Reich  – Piano Phase

The trance state of mind, which this genius piece of art always took me into, is incredible. I only recently found this video on YouTube, which visualises the structure of the piece. Brilliant!

Piano Phase visualization

Kourosh Yaghmayie – Leila

Another childhood memory! A profound piece of Persian psychedelic rock from the 70’s that still sounds fresh to me.

05.Kourosh Yaghmaei - Leila (Leila)

Q – Voice of Q

“Let’s communicate interplanetary hyperspace!” That’s the vibe I like! I was listening to this song at one of the very first parties I went to. I remember how I fell in love with it immediately and was trying to look up the name of the record. A fellow dancer next to me saw my attempts and wrote the name of the track down for me. So lovely!

Q 'The Voice Of Q' (Original 12" Mix)

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Speaking of hyperspace, I‘d continue with Space Oddity by the one and only David Bowie! As a kid, I was a bit scared of his look, specifically his eyes. At the same time, I really liked his uniqueness. I think I was subconsciously drawn to his queerness, and particularly this music video.

David Bowie – Space Oddity (Official Video)

Mashrou’ Leila – Radio Romance

This track by Mashrou’ Leila, supported by its music video, is incredibly strong. I appreciate the multiple layers of story carried through the piece, visually and musically.

Mashrou' Leila - Radio Romance (Official Music Video) | مشروع ليلى - راديو رومانس

Matt John feat. Marc Lorbeer – The River

This beautiful piece of art by Matt John always takes me on a jazzy journey. It never gets old, and each time I listen to it I get excited about the little fine details touching my mind and heart.

Matt John feat. Marc Lorbeer - The River

‘C I N E R E O U S’ is out now on Apranik Records.