Back To Mine With Diamond Haze

Diamond Haze is an electronic music project formed in Budapest by Gábor and Milán. Gábor is a seasoned bassist with a musical journey traces back to high school bands, while Milán is a vinyl aficionado whose eclectic collection and DJ sets span a range of genres from early trance to modern disco.Diamond Haze’s unique sound is made up of a harmonious fusion of their distinct musical backgrounds and innovative perspectives, with two releases to date on their own Tapes Sublimating label. As they release ‘Unstable Cloud Filter’, a four-track release incorporating elements of house, dub, broken beat and even jazz, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Diamond Haze.


Mammal Hands – Chaser

I got really into contemporary jazz after hearing the ‘Kaleidoscope (New Spirits Known & Unknown)’ compilation. Soon after I discovered Gondwana records and a heap of amazing music.

Mammal Hands — 'Chaser' (Official Video) [Gondwana Records]

Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day and John Coltrane

As at that time I was more into electronic music other than anything it is not suprising I first heard about Gil Scott-Heron when Jamie XX remixed his ‘I’m New Here’ album to ‘We’re New Here’ which blew my mind. Since as I more got into jazz I discovered his old albums and have some real favourites among them.

Lady Day and John Coltrane

Thievery Corporation – Amerimacka

I was really into Thievery Corporation during high school then did not listen to them for many years. We were in a wedding and during the afternoon the DJ played Amerimacka and since then I’m listening to Thievery Corporation again. If you heard this track, you will enjoy listening to it still for the 100th time. If you haven’t heard this you are in for a treat.

Thievery Corporation - Amerimacka [Official Audio]

Floating Points – Kelso Dunes

Floating Points jamming with his band in the desert. A 13 minutes trip. Close your eyes!

Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road

Leon is a massive favourite, there are many clubbier tracks from him that I also really like, but this one is just wow. It was released on Gerd Janson’s ‘Musik For Autobahns 2’ comp among a pretty solid set of tracks, but this is still the top track from the album.

Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road


Parhelia – Southern Cross

I heard this absolutely epic atmospheric DnB track in a mix years ago, and since then, it keeps coming back regularly on my playlists. I love how full the sound spectrum is, and the richness of the bass is especially satisfying for the ear.

Parhelia - Southern Cross (Original Mix)

Chaos in the CBD – Midnight in Peckham

This track from Chaos in the CBD with all the jazzy elements makes it a relaxing, but also somehow uplifting experience for me whenever I put it on. The sound is very melancholic, a bit sorrowful even, but overall very hopeful as well. Perfect track for a thinking mind!

Chaos In The CBD - Midnight In Peckham

Burial – Loner

One day I woke up in the apartment 8 years ago and Milán’s brother with whom I lived together at the time put this vinyl on. I had to interrupt my breakfast to really focus on the vibes of that track – it sounded so unbelievable! This is the kind of music that for sure inspired me to try to do something similar. I love how a very few carefully selected elements create that dark ambience feel.

Harrison BDP – Decompression

That BASSLINE! and on top flavoured with very subtle and pulsing synth sounds. I could listen to this proper house groove for hours! The progression of the track is fantastic, especially when it reaches the most intense drop. It just makes you want to jump up and dance. This track is such an inspiration.

Matthew Johnson – Marionett

Possibly the oddest track on my list. So mesmerizing that you don’t even realize more than 11 minutes passed in the meantime. One melody that just doesn’t stop. The track is so spooky, yet magical and immersive, I almost have the feeling a story is being told. Once I hit start, there is no way to pause it. Legendary!

Diamond Haze ‘Unstable Cloud Filter’ is out now.