Back to Mine with Fabrice Dayan

Voyeur label boss Fabrice Dayan is a mainstay on the French scene. His roots go back to the early rave era and since then he has kept his finger on the pulse as a DJ, producer and label head. He holds famous residencies at legendary places like Raspoutine Partis – a mythical place of the Parisian night, in the heart of the Golden Triangle – and Silencio Paris. As he releases his new ‘Voyeur Ibiza 2022’ Compilation, featuring tracks from Made In TLV, DJ Gregory, Slash & Doppe, Lement Bonelli, Junior Pappa, as well as his own collaboration with Wielki, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Fabrice Dayan.

Paul Johnson – Hear The Music (Peacefrog Records, 1996)


Paul Johnson was a major discovery when I was a teenager and a precious friend. A Dj with a unique style, recognisable between a thousand, a rare human being and an essential pioneer of the Chicago scene.

Jedi Knights – May The Funk Be With You (Clear, 1994)

Jedi Knights - May The Funk Be With You (Original Version)

Here is a major English artist who managed to combine funk, techno and house in one record. Records that crossover between genres are rare. This one is powerful and imposes a hypnotic effect. Tom Middleton is a real Jedi in this game, this disc has a rare dynamic that crosses time.

Fango – Babuke (DEGUSTIBUS, 2022)

Fango - Babuke [Degustibus Music]

Fango combines and masters the  balance between the dust of a dancefloor in a hangar, and the feelings of a deep and intense Jazz.

Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (Derrick May Remix, 1992)

Sueño Latino ‎ – Sueño Latino (Remix By Derrick May)


Naive and innocent Techno by the Detroit legend. The testimony of an endless summer of love in Ibiza. Timeless classic.

MFA – The Difference it makes (KOMPAKT, 2004)

The Difference It Makes (Original Mix)

Risky introspection, but balanced in emotions, a complicated mix and one of the rare times when we can appreciate the use of the vocoder. A record that gives courage when doubt remains.

Pale Blue – You Stopped Dying (Crosstown Rebels, 2015)

Pale Blue - You Stopped Dying


I imagine that Damian Lazarus must be very proud to have discovered this rare and poetic nugget. Between Liz Frazer & Kate Bush. Magical.

Dj Seinfeld – Lost Island (Warp, 2022)

DJ Seinfeld - 'Lost Island' (Official Audio)

Cinematic update of a bygone New Wave era. Iberian wishes, imposes and suggests at the same time, to consume at peak time.

Leafar Legov – Alone (Giegling, 2019)

Leafar Legov - Alone (Giegling 2019)

It’s as if this record already existed in my head before it was released, like the memory and imprint of a romantic road trip in 1986. A good compromise to end a set on cloud nine after a 5 hour trip.

Rare Silk – Storm (Palo Alto Records, 1985)

Rare Silk - Storm ( 1985 )

It’s the kind of record that reminds me of someone important. It contains calm and strength, in a velvet glove.

Khruangbin – Summer Madness (Late Night Tales, 2020)

Khruangbin - Summer Madness (Late Night Tales: Khruangbin)

The Kool & The Gang original is one of those untouchable masterpieces. This interpretation demonstrates, however, that Khruangbin carries within it the DNA of early Californian psychedelic music.

Shigeo Sekito – The Word II (Columbia Japan, 1975)

Shigeo Sekito - the word II

You probably know Mac Demarco’s Chamber’s of Reflexion” song, here is the original. A rare Japanese record and a kind of declaration of love with the awareness of all that implies. The emotion it provides will surely depend on the time in your life when you listen to it. In general, a certain amount of appeasement emerges.

Max Berlin – Elle et Moi (USA Import Music, Belgium, 1987)

Max Berlin - Elle et moi

An iconic Belgian artist, who combines elegance and suggests a moist sensuality. “Elle et Moi” is the kind of floating vibe that could have been played at 7am, or I imagine the bedroom window open.

Various Artists ‘Voyeur Ibiza 2022’ will be released on September 23rd 2022 on Voyeur.