Back To Mine With Florian Hollerith

Florian Hollerith is a Berlin-based techno and house DJ. His last release, ‘Perlas’ was released on Sven Bath’s Cocoon Recordings label in 2019. As his new remix of Sven Väth’s Silvi‘s Dream drops on the ‘Catharsis Remixes’ on Cocoon, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Florian Hollerith.

The Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play

When I was a boy scout, the ‘older ones’ used to listen to this kind of music. When I was twelve/ thirteen years old, I found that very exciting. The entire album has a funky, grown-up, somehow multi-layered vibe. Back then, I also got into Jethro Tull and Deep Purple stuff.

The Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play (Official HD Video)

Bryan Ferry – Don ́t Stop The Dance

My parents and their clique listened to this kind of music. There were always people visiting in the evening, partying till late! Men with skinny leather ties, women with backcombed hair, all styled up, and me as a fourteen- or fifteen-year-old in between. My mother’s girlfriends loved me.

Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance

Massive Attack – Lately

I used to listen to this record at the beginning of the nineties and, during that time, I felt the urge to make music on my own more and more. I was open-minded about a broad spectrum of styles. I liked the warm, catchy grooves and basslines of ‘Lately’. But also, the soulful and complex aspects of the whole LP fascinated me. I started to make music myself with a soundcard and 2-3 modules.

Massive Attack - Lately

Sven Väth – Ballet Dancer

I still love that record up to the present day, especially the track “Ballet Dancer”. It provides such grace, elegance, and sensual beauty. It feels like sunbeams shimmering through trees in a forest, with particles floating through the air in a yellowish, orange light. It’s the shortest and most profound message ever: “What does dance mean to me? Everything!” The album is a unique production by Ralf and Sven.

Moloko – Day For Night

I bought this album in 1997, shortly before I moved to the USA for a 3-month internship in the wine industry. During this time, it accompanied me day and night. The sound of the EP is strange and crazy but also very sexy and soulful. Back then, it was new and inspiring for me at the same time. After my return home, I wanted to include that kind of flow in my music too.

Moloko - Day For Night (Official Video)

Jiri Ceiver – Poke

Back when I heard this track for the first time, I thought that this is as good as it gets. What is yet to come? And most importantly, how does it work? “Poke” is a brute and raw music experiment; it seems like the instruments lead a life of their own and play themselves. It’s brilliantly made and self-referential.

Jiri.Ceiver - Poke

LTJ Bukem – Constellation

I discovered this musical piece in January 2000 while listening to a friend’s tape. I remember standing outside with my Walkman in the middle of a crystal clear and freezing night, enjoying a starry sky like I’d never seen before. Right next to a Buddhist temple in the heart of the Auvergne, these sounds of depth and vastness both pleased and blessed me!

Nils Frahm – A Shimmer

My sweetheart and I always listen to this record between Christmas and New Year. It’s a perfect fit for this time of the year: retrospective, thoughtful, soothing, full of poetry and grace. Sounds, atmospheres, and textures flow timelessly through space. A true masterpiece!

Nils Frahm - A Shimmer

Aril Brikha – She ́s My Everything

Simply music that gets under my skin: spherical, epic, good! I came across this record on a vinyl platform by accident and was immediately hooked. I’ve traced Aril’s musical career ever since. My statement: top!

Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars [2020] | MULEMUSIQ249

Son Of Chi & Arthur Flink – The Fifth World

Recently, I came across this record, a brilliant symbiosis of atmosphere and improvisation! It bubbles and crackles between wide tapestries of sound. Clouds over clouds merge with the emptiness of space to form a unity. Simply great! Listening to these sounds with a good bottle of wine, I can paint a picture all night long!

Son Of Chi & Arthur Flink - Part One

Sven Väth ‘Catharsis Remixes’ is out now on Cocoon.