Back To Mine with Hannah Khemoh

East London, singer-songwriter Hannah Khemoh burst on to the scene in 2008 when she became a professional backing vocalist working with icons like Grace Jones and Bryan Ferry. She is formerly one half of the soulful house duo “HanLei”  who released the huge soulful hit, “Diamond”, which was championed by soulful house legends, Neil Pierce, DJ Spen and Louie Vega. Their feature with Defected and Josh Butler “Feels Good” racked up over 2 million streams. Hannah has worked with some of the best soulful producers in the biz, from Beat Rivals, Q Narongwate, Sean McCabe, Wez Whynt, and Kiko Navarro & DJ Fudge, among many. As her new single with Paris Cesvette, ‘Better’, drops on Quantize Recordings, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Hannah Khemoh.

Chaka Khan – Feel For You

Quite honestly Chaka is my most favourite artist in life. Whenever I hear this song, wherever I am, I can guarantee we’re gonna dance.

Chaka Khan - I Feel for You (Official Music Video) [HD Remaster]

Amel Larrieux – Afraid

I love Amel’s voice her vocal arrangements are sublime – the lyrics! This was a battle between this one, “Gills and Tails” and “For Real” and, “You Dont See Me” and…

Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

Frank is from Sierra Leone like me! I love his effortless tone and I love the sweetness of the melody, but the lyrical contrast!

Moonchild – Cure

I love the mood of this song, and I love the vocal and the words in the chorus. Love is a Cure for sure! #Feelsweet

Moonchild - Cure (Official Video)

Omar – Tell Me

Omar is my favourite, I love his tone and I closed my eyes and chose this one, it could have been any of his songs.

Jilly from Philly – What My Mind Says

Again, there are so many songs that resonate with me. This one more than most because it is an honest acknowledgement – I thought I was putting my foot down… but here we are!

Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall- "So Gone (What My Mind Says)" (Official Video)

Emily King – Distance

This one is speaks for itself… Marry me Emily .. Joking.. extremely serious!

Emily King - Distance (Official Music Video)

Midnite – Love The Life You Live

This song was introduced to me by someone I love and adore, and every time I hear it I am reminded how much I adore her for real.

Midnite - love The Life You Live

Faith Evans – Love Can’t Hide

I love this song because Faith is flawless in this vocal, and still is! Melody – vocal choices! Flawless!

Lauren Hill – Sweetest Thing

I don’t think my list would be complete without Lauren, her tone and her intention. Awesome! Also, I have the cd with the instrumental on it.. Winning – don’t play with me!

Refugee Camp All Stars - The Sweetest Thing (Official Video) ft. Lauryn Hill

Mary J   – Get To Know You Better

Mary Mary… “Why do we go through things unnecessarily?” Exactly!

Get To Know You Better

Paris Cesvette ft Hannah Khemoh ‘Better’ is out now on Quantize Recordings.