Back To Mine With Human Rias

From entrancing dance floor melodies to intimate moments of melancholy, powerful drum grooves to all-out ecstasy, Human Rias is someone who plays from the heart. His aim is always to convey the emotions deep inside him, to join the dots between a broad array of genres but always with a sense of storytelling that takes them somewhere new. He’s been doing it on the world’s biggest stages for the last six years and now his own personal production are heightening the experience even further. Human’s Iranian heritage is important to him and to his signature sounds – it lends them a sense of enchantment and a different take on melody that always stands out. As his new remix of Yohkan’s  ‘One Voice For All’ drops on Techno Teheran Records, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Human Rias.

Ludovico Einaudi – ‘Una Mattina’

When I want to sink into my thoughts without distraction, this beautiful piece by Ludovico Einaudi allows to really take a deep trip. His so perfectly placed notes, call and responses, is what makes this song as if written by natures perfect hands.

Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina

Brian Eno – ‘An Ending’ (An Ascent)

Having heard Ben Klock play this as his closing track in 2019 at many of his shows, it really stuck with me as one of the most perfect ways to end a set. There is an hour-long version of this on YouTube, which is played on repeat at my house. It’s such a delicate piece of music. A true ambiance to whatever mood you find yourself in.

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) (Remastered 2019)

Fred Again – ME (heavy)

With its downtempo riff, and Fred’s beautifully sad voice. Whenever I hear this track, it takes me right out of the place I am, and it’s a journey on an old train swaying side to side, coupled with the smell of cigarette smoke and whiskey.

Fred again.. - Me (Heavy)

Uma – Bring Me The Mountain (SMB Remix)

This is the first track I listen to when I’m cooking. I really enjoy making food, as it’s just another artistic expression of myself. This liquid DnB track gives me high energy, allowing me to blend out my thoughts and smell, feel and taste.

Bring Me the Mountain (SMB Remix)

Mose, Equanimous, Ruby Chase, Jai Cuzco  – ‘Rise into the Sky’

Mose is an artist my dear brother Dusan has introduced me to. I went to his concert in Tulum, and immediately fell in love with his sound. This track particularly stands out, as he lifted the energy of the room effortlessly. And ever since then I use this track to “clean” my home of spirits, and to create a space of safety.

Mose, Equanimous, Ruby Chase, Jai Cuzco - Rise Into the Sky

Uma – ‘Overture’

Really don’t understand why this artist doesn’t get more attention. I discovered this track when I was digging deep, and it’s a beautiful interlude. Something that went played surrounds me with calm. A track that is part of a playlist that I enjoy reading to.

Barry Can’t Swim – ‘Can We Still Be Friends? (with Laurence Guy)

I think my record number of continuous plays must have been 20 times in a row. I was deep into writing a poem and these beautiful tunes just let me remain in that space, uninterrupted even when the track climaxes.

Barry Can’t Swim - 'Can We Still Be Friends? (with Laurence Guy)' (Official Audio)

Uma – ‘Crocodile’

Another one by Uma, I absolutely love this one too. It’s hard to include just one Uma track in this playlist. This is candlelight dinner music, or bedroom sounds for romantic nights. It allows you to create a red-hot fiery space. I interpret sound as spatial design, for me it envelopes a colour a mood, a taste.

Bonobo – ‘Shadows’ (feat Jordan Rakei)

Another beautiful piece by Bonobo. One of the tracks from my deep thought playlist. When I need time on my own with my thoughts. This is a tune that allows me to arrange them, to map them out. It creates a white clean space with a touch of warmth.

Bonobo - Shadows (feat Jordan Rakei) (Official Audio)

Aldebaran – ‘Falling From The Dream’

A track for reflection, creating a purple deep space. The vocal guiding you gently through these the deep bass that is leading this. Reminding me of old Life and Death tracks, but with a certain notch of mystery, the Sitar then giving it the rest. Reflect, its necessary

Falling From The Dream