Back To Mine With Jersey

Normandy production duo, Jersey are Carl and Renaud, children of the 2000s and of the great mixture of genres that proliferated back then. They grew up tuned into BBC Radio waves from the Normandy coast on which they lived, and after several much-talked-about remixes, they are now releasing their first original tunes. As their hyper-active techno-pop single, ‘listen Again’, drops on Bostun Bun’s Circa ’99 imprint, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Jersey.

Pixies – Cecilia Ann
We listened a lot of indie rock during our childhood. This is one of the songs our parents used to listen all the time. We love this album intro song, 100% instrumental!

Jamie XX – Let’s Do It Again
A real feel good song, but very haunting. We let ourselves be carried away by the crazy loop.

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
One of the first electronic tracks we heard and a great group. A great video and album cover by the way.

Flume – Helix
An excellent album opener with with real power. We are big fans of Flume, he knows how to continuously renew himself.

Flume feat. Oklou - Highest Building (Official Music Video)

Mura Masa x Slowthai – Doorman

We really like this song, it’s an incredible feat. The video in referencing Trainspotting is so cool!

slowthai, Mura Masa - Doorman

Jackson & His computer Band – Blood Bust
It’s a bit old but at the time we really liked the messy energy of this track.

DJ Medhi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Remix)
Two big French artists who have inevitably inspired us. This track is a masterpiece, the sample is crazy.

DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Official Video)

Gesaffesltein – Pursuit
Another great career artist. When this came out we felt the same way as many people, the intensity of the piece and the precision of the artistic direction are just too good.

Gesaffelstein - PURSUIT (Official Video)

Sophie – Bipp
A song that breaks the rules with its creative madness. Almost 10 years later, it’s still a source of inspiration.

SOPHIE - BIPP (Official Stream)

Emr Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra – Fatal Wounds
Another song our parents really liked. We love the audience enthusiasm and the atmosphere of their concerts. Live music is something that really matters to us and for this one it’s very important to listen to the live version!

Jersey ‘Listen Again’ is out now on Circa ’99.