Back To Mine With Katy Alex

Katy Alex has risen up the ranks in the Dance scene over the last couple of years with her sought-after collaborations with the likes of Piero Pirupa, Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke, PS1 and Martin Trevy going on to amass more than 15 million streams on Spotify alone, with countless BBC Radio 1 plays and playlist adds to Capital and Kiss FM. As her brilliant new 2 track collaborative EP with Mattei & Omich and Re-Tide, ‘Give Me Your Love’, drops on Fool’s Paradise, DMCWord goes Back To Mine with Katy Alex.

RUZE – Hardwire

This song gets me dancing every single time I hear it. RUZE are one of my favourite acts, everything they make is golden. ‘Hardwire’ has a bit of everything I love: catchy/powerful vocals, stabby synths that decorate throughout, and a beat that makes it impossible to stay still.

Cinthie – Mesmerising

Not only is Cinthie a pure genius when it comes to making dance music, she’s a massive inspiration to me as a female artist working within this genre. Her knowledge of synths and hardware can clearly be seen in content across YouTube and socials, and her music always takes you on a journey, which is exactly what ‘Mesmerising’ does.

Cinthie - Mesmerizing

Retrouve – Parnell Street

This was one of the first tracks that put me onto Retrouve and my love for their music hasn’t stopped since. It’s the perfect afterhours track for me, the chords throughout are so silky and to make it even smoother you’ll find soft saxophone melodies that blend perfectly with the spoken word parts that are whispered throughout. Perfection!

Retrouve - Parnellstreet

Gruuve – Cloud

There’s so much I love about this song. The vocals are so interesting and the melodies used are super catchy. The percussion adds so much groove and the effects used on them give the parts a really dreamy quality. If you break down the parts in this track it’s pretty minimal which makes a great example of ‘less is more’ in my opinion. Just a really great track all round.

Gruuve - Cloud (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]

DJ Steaw – Come Along (M-High’s Turned On Remix)

This song is so fun to listen to and mix with. The walking bassline makes me feel like I have somewhere to be (a weird way to describe something I know), but I love that feeling, I suppose it’s like getting a dose of motivation which I really like. The synth stabs drive the track on, and the keys parts use some really nice chords that jazz up those sections. This is definitely one of my favourites to throw in sets.

DJ Steaw - Come Along (M-High's Turned On Remix)

Katermurr – Deep Inside (HATT.D Remix)

This is another great afterhours track. The vocals are so simple, which is all this song needs when there’s so many other interesting ideas decorating the whole piece. The bass parts are really bouncy, which is a lovely contrast to the swirling pads that lay perfectly on top. Added to that are some really nice chords that stab in and out giving it extra energy. All just really, really good!

Katermurr - Deep Inside (HATT.D Remix) [Miura Records]

Lichenologist, Muratt – I Just Want To Hit The Floor (Alex Belluscio Remix)

The vocals in this track get stuck in my head for days whenever I listen to this track, they’re so simple but sung really seductively, they always find a way to get lodged in my head. I love when songs have random glitchy parts in the beat, this one has plenty that fit perfectly with the overall vibe of the track making it a great fit for late night listening.

I Just Want To Hit The Floor (Alex Belluscio Remix)

Craig Knight, Tom Caruso – Walk

‘Walk’ is the first track I heard of Craig’s and I instantly fell in love with how smooth it is. I love how deep this track sounds, it has a floaty vibe that’s pushed on by the bassline that bounces subtly underneath wet synth chords which stab between the vocal hooks. Since hearing this record I’ve been working with Craig on a couple of tracks, so who knows, we might have a collaboration coming out one day soon!

Craig Knight, Tom Caruso - Walk (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]

Formated – Wane & Seraf

Usually for late-night vibes I go with deep house, but if I’m feeling like I need something a bit heavier I’d listen to a track like ‘Formated’, a new release by Wane & Seraf. This track makes excellent use of an instantly recognisable vocal, while finishing the arrangement off with a strong tech-house beat and a simple bassline that keeps the record pumping until the very end. A really cool track that has me excited to hear what they drop next.

Mallin – Can’t U See

Mallin is the KING of smooth beats. He told me himself this was one of his first deep house releases and it’s an absolute beauty. Featuring a horn part so soft which almost plays a call and response role with the beautiful vocal hook that dances in and out of the record. I’ve been a big fan of Mallin’s since I started DJing and my love for his music just keeps growing and growing.

Mallin - Can't U See (Original Mix)

Mattei & Omich, Re-Tide feat. Katy Alex ‘Give Me Your Love EP’ is out now on Fool’s Paradise.