Back To Mine with Kennebec

Kennebec, aka Eric Phillips, is a critically acclaimed musical outlet of composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His debut album ‘Departure’ was released at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to great acclaim. As his new release, ‘Without Star Or Compass’, drops on LateNightTales, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Kennebec.

Ichiko Aoba  -- 腸髪のサーカス 

青葉市子「腸髪のサーカス」Ichiko Aoba - Watakushi no Circus

Ichiko Aoba is one of my favorite artists these last few years. Her guitar playing is absolutely amazing. I makes me feel like I’m in some sort of epic adventure film like Akira or Princess Mononoke or something. She’s the best.

Nujabes & Cise Star – Lady Brown

I love this song. Nujabes is one of my all-time favorites. This is one of the songs that initially made me want to try recording brazilian jazz guitar over hip hop beats, which is what I was trying to do on Tall Tales.

Toquinho – Implorando

Speaking of Brazilian jazz guitar, I love the song. It’s so lush and aching and tender. Brazilian music is kind of just the best. These guys are my favorite guitar players and composers. Toquiinho!

Oregon – Sail

Oregon - Sail (1972)

I love Oregon! I live in Portland Oregon currently and I was really happy when I discovered this band. I love their record Out of the Woods. They were like weird cool Oregon hippies who used to play with Weather Report. I recently started playing shows with a violinist and an English Horn player and someone told me we had major Oregon (the band) vibes and it made me incredibly happy.

Ryuichi Sakamoto  – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

I absolutely love soundtrack music and this is one of my all-time favorites. Sakamoto is a well-deserved legend who should only be more and more cherished. I especially love the sax version of this tune arranged by Metcalfe.

Jasmine Myra – New Beginnings

Jasmine Myra - New Beginnings

I just started listening to Jasmine Myra’s music recently and Ama. Huge fan. I love the label with Matthew Halsall and found her record to be really deeply moving, compelling and soothing. It’s very nourishing music.

John Martin – Over The Hill

John Martyn - Over The Hill

While I make very different music than his, I sometimes feel somewhat of a connection to American folk gutar players like this. I love the spirit and the energy of it and I hope to carry a little with me. John Martin was also av very interesting experimentalist. This tune is such good energy.

John Carrol Kirby – Savage Cryptids

JCK has been another favorite artist of mine in recent years. He’s so creative and vibey. I love hearing him explore soundtrack music like this.

Kalaido – One Summer Afternoon

Kalaido – One Summer Afternoon

Phoenix (Kalaido) is one of my best friends and I love his music. I actually played the guitar parts on this. He makes bumpin beats but people don’t really know that he is also an amazing composer, he wrote out all of these parts to be played by other musicians, including my guitar parts. We were in the same composition program back in the day, and he’s quite brilliant. This song reminds me of floating around a pastoral Ghibli scene.

Shakti – Two Sisters

Shakti With John McLaughlin - Two Sisters

John Mcloughlin! I’m a big fan of his work with Shakti — the original fusion band.. They’re such amazing improvisers it’s quite mind blowing. I think this tune is really soothing and gorgeous. Love this band and much gratitude to John for inspiration and setting such high levels in hi craft and art.

Kennebec ‘Without Star Or Compass’ is out now on LateNightTales