Back To Mine with Layo & Bushwacka!

Dope home listening at the after parties we all want to be at

Layo reveals the albums that he’s listening to at home right now…

Bobby Womack “The Bravest Man In The Universe”  XL

“I love this album, I think XL are just an incredible label, so much dedication to what is good about modern music. And Bobby’s voice…wow.”

Jon Brooks “Music for Thomas Carnacki”  Cafe Kaput

“Bought this on a friend’s recommendation, it’s a bit out there and my wife always tells me to change the music but this kind of tip helps a lot when writing music as gives me a different perspective.”

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi “Rome”  EMI

“Last year and maybe not as good as I hoped but love the Jack White single and like the rest but am still willing to let an album take me there rather than endless changes.”

Leonard Cohen “Greatest Hits” (1975)  CBS

“Love the stories within songs, the gentle way he sings about life, always on at home.”

Clams Casino “Rainforest EP”

“Again more for inspiration but this kind of electronica/beats I love, I can never produce this way but love the vibe.”

Talib Kweli “The Beautiful Struggle”   Rawkus

“Kind of lost touch with hip hop a lot over the last years but was recommended this and not all of it hits but the tracks that do are on point.”

SBTRKT  “SBTRKT”  Young Turks

“Fantastic. Love the mask.”

Romen Flugel ” Fatty Folders”  Kompact

“The closest I get to what I play/what I listen to at home.”

Patrick Watson “Close To Paradise” Peacefrog

“Love this mixture of electronic, acoustic and warm but melancholy vocals. Perfect for home.”

Elis Regina “Samba, Jazz & Bossa”

“It’s just about a summer…”

Layo & Bushacka’s 4th album, “Rising and Falling”  is released on Olmeto Records in October. The first single, “Dancing in the Dark” with mixes by Guy Gerber & Dj Tennis and Audiofly is released on August 13.