Back To Mine With Nathalie Duchene

Musical chameleon Nathalie Duchene’s music mixes sublime melodies and techno-infused grooves on the likes of OFF Recordings, Caduceus Records and Exploited as part of the O.N.O duo before going solo as Praia to expand her creativity. Her debut Ep came in March 2022 on the revered Toy Tonics label and showcased everything from sun-drenched house to club-ready beats. As she shows yet another side to her sonic palette with Don’t Go’ on Circa ’99 under her own name, DMCWorld goes back to Mine with Nathalie Duchene.

David Bowie – Starman

David Bowie is an artist who has always fascinated me. The richness of his musical and scenic universe and the gift of being able to reinvent himself with each new album was something special.

David Bowie - Starman (Top Of The Pops, 1972)

Daft Punk – Da Funk

I discovered Da Funk on television with the mythical Spike Jonze clip, I must have been 5 years old and I have an indelible memory of this bass that bewitched me! But I was very afraid by the dog aha..

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Official Music Video Remastered)

Kraftwerk – Radioactivity

‘Radioactivity’ is the very first vinyl that I held in my hands (according to my parents). It is, for me, the basis of electronic music, Kraftwerk is a group that has inspired a lot of musicians of which I am a part.

Radioactivity (2009 Remaster)

Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again

It’s one of my favorite tracks from Depeche Mode, the melody is awesome and the lyrics about friendship are beautiful and touching.

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Remastered)

Bob Sinclair – Save Our Soul

It’s my favourite piece by Bob Sinclar, it has a fairly simple construction with only one sample, but I never get tired of playing it, it is timeless for me.

Save our soul (Original)

Prince – The Beautiful One

Prince is one of the artists who have marked the history of music by their genius, their singularity and their generosity, he is an extraordinary being, this piece represents absolutely all of that.

The Beautiful Ones

Cassius – I Love U So

A piece that will always give me goosebumps, a striking title.

Cassius - I Love U So (Official Video)

Serge Gainsbourg – Ballade de Melody Nelson

This concept album is for me a real masterpiece, I have been listening to Serge Gainsbourg since I was born and this album represents Serge Gainsbourg at the peak of his talent.

Serge Gainsbourg - Melody Nelson

Tee Mac – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

From the album “Night Illusion”, which is for me a timeless soul and funk jazz masterpiece, ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ is a harmonious and captivating ballad.


Vitalic – La Rock 01

I discovered Vitalic through this track, the first time I heard « la rock » I had a real shock, the marriage between rock and techno is perfect and the rise irresistible!

Vitalic - La Rock 01

Nathalie Duchene ‘Don’t Go’ is out now on Circa ’99.