Back To Mine With Nvrsoft

Nvrsoft has become a scene staple since her debut EP ‘Premonitions’ on Audioporn, which soon led her to making history as the first US woman to play at London’s imperative venue Fabric in 2019. Following this up with various singles and EPs on the imprint, with the guidance of drum & bass heavyweight Shimon, she’s been spending nearly a decade finessing her sounds amongst a burgeoning drum & bass landscape in the US. However, having now made moves across the Atlantic, after reaching the Beatport D&B Top 10 as well as amassing a slowly growing collection of records under her belt, she makes a comeback once more for a single on Audioporn alongside singer and songwriter Sofia, as well as a remix as part of Mechanical Vein’s deluxe album package. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Nvrsoft.

Nujabes – Blessing It (Remix) (feat. Substantial & Pase Rock)

Nujabes was one of the most important artists of my childhood, and I’m always surprised how many people aren’t hip to his work. Nujabes pioneered hip hop production in Japan, and he produced the soundtrack to my favorite anime of all time (Samurai Champloo -) which is how I discovered him, myself. I got his discography as a kid, and his music and career really made an impression on me.

Blessing It (Remix) is particularly special to me because it encapsulates my love of Japanese culture, hip hop, and my own personal roots (shout out to PG County, Maryland) in one tune. This one is chill and uplifting, and really cleanses your ear after a night at the club.

Nujabes - Blessing It -remix (feat.Substantial & Pase Rock from Five Deez) [Official Audio]

Sam Sparro – Black & Gold

I remember this from watching (American) football with my dad – his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, used this as their stadium anthem for a hot minute back in the day. Black & Gold is a truly timeless and unique tune. It’s so perfect, and so underrated. To me, it really suits any occasion, but its chill, romantic, dreamy vibes are very good for afters.

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By

Days Go By is the first electronic tune I ever heard (thanks mom & dad!) This tune will never leave me – nor will its cover art. I think everything about it is mesmerizing. It’s an early tune that I think more people need to know (or bring back on their rotations.) I was 11 when this came out, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Early trance goes hard.

Gemini – And You

Could I really let you guys off without one from the UKF dubstep vaults?
Spoiler Alert: NAH.jpg Before I got into drum and bass, I loved dubstep, and Gemini was one of my favourite artists. All of his tunes are so good, but I think And You hits a perfect sweet spot for afters. Melodic, chill, but nothing to put you to sleep.

SQWAD – They Don’t Know

Sqwad is one of my favorite artists to play before gigs and after them. I love all of their music – they just approach house music so differently. They Don’t Know is one to play when the afters vibes are a bit more rowdy. It really dances around your head – and it gets the people going.

SQWAD - They Dont Know (Original Mix)

Counter Culture – BOSCO

If you’re at an afters with me, I’ll definitely play you some of my friends’ tunes.  I pulled BOSCO from my friend Mitekiss’s label, Goldfat, and it’s one of my favourites from them lately – Counter Culture marries dub and UKG so perfectly in this tune, and the result is addictive. I love that Goldfat has been pushing UKG like this; it’s got that deep, dark, and dangerous vibe that I absolutely die for. BOSCO is perfect to put on for the drive home in the dark, and at afters. Counter Culture’s A- Side to this release, Lift Me Up, is also an incredible tune, and I’ve been playing it a lot in my sets lately. I really rate everything coming out of Goldfat, and definitely think the label is a go-to for afters vibes.

Counter Culture - BOSCO


Jme – Taking Over? (It Ain’t Working)

Ok listen, a lot of my American fam don’t know, and…. BOY BETTER KNOW THE MAN J M E.
Grime and drill are top of my playlists for afters, and we all know Jme is the king. His lyricism is unmatched, and his tunes will never go out of style. Taking Over is one of the meanest and sharpest tunes I’ve ever heard; Jme’s vibe is unmatched. The video is also sick, and I’m not sure what’s with me and creepy vibes at afters, but it’s a thing. Deal with it or don’t.

Jme - Taking Over? (It Ain't Working)

Redman – Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get in Da Club)

Everyone always asks me where my name comes from. No, it’s not a dick joke – I yanked it from Neversoft. When I first started DJing, Neversoft went out of business, and I took the name, and dropped some vowels (it was 2008, ok,) and here we are. Neversoft was the original producer of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game series, which was one of my favourite games of all time. I remember playing Tony Hawk’s PS 1 – 3 with my brother, Michael, after school, and listening to their incredible soundtracks. But nothing tops the Pro Skater 3 soundtrack, and Let’s Get Dirty is one of the BADDEST tunes on it. This tune will get literally anyone swinging from a chandelier – if it doesn’t… Well, they don’t belong at an afters with me.

Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get in Da Club) - Redman

Lupe Fiasco – The Cool Atlantic

Ok, as the night gets to a close, I start getting into heavier content. The Cool is one of the most beautiful, deep, dark, and masterful pieces of musical theater ever made. The tune made from the perspective of a dead gangster that comes back to life, and it’s just… I don’t know, you gotta hear it for yourself. I think it’s one of the best tunes to come out of America PERIOD.

Hans Zimmer – Time WMG

Lastly, we have the GOAT, Hans Zimmer. I have WWHZD? (What Would Hans Zimmer Do?) Written in the inside cover of my music notebooks for a reason – man is the best composer in modern history, P E R I O D. If you like his work, I recommend googling his live performance at Coachella – if you’re a  friend of mine, I have 100% sent it to you or made you watch it at my house during the afters. Time (from Inception) is a stunning piece that will move you to tears (unless you’re a sociopath.) It makes me feel so present, reflective, and grateful for life on this earth. And I think it’s always good to end the night on that note.

Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception - Live in Prague)