Back To Mine With Papa Lu

Papa Lu, originating from the diverse musical backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area, developed his passion for music through the local Hip Hop scene. Starting his career by organizing Hip Hop events featuring iconic artists, he soon found himself at venues that also hosted pioneering house music DJs. This exposure prompted his shift towards producing house music events, notably his Night Moves party at Monarch SF.

His latest single is Rave, a sleek tech house track designed for late-night dancefloors. With a minimalist approach, it pairs subtle basslines with precise rhythms and an earworm vocal, reflecting Papa Lu’s mastery in creating mood-driven music. With the single out now, WMCWorld goes Back to Mine with Papa Lu.

The Return – New Day

I think I might have heard this record a long time ago at a WMC pool party or some lounge type of venue. It’s been a staple in my collection ever since. A really great tune to wind down to after a night of clubbing and its vocals are a positive message.

The Return - New Day

Soul Clap – Moov To Tha Beat

I’ve been friends with Eli and Charlie of Soul Clap for a long time now. They have also always been a big inspiration of mine since way back when I first started djing. With that being said, I’ve had this tune in my rotation since day one.  It’s a really good one for warming up a party or setting the vibe with at the after party.

Soul Clap - Moov To Tha Beat

Inland Knights – Walk On

This record is a really cool one. It has some very chill elements like the vocal and pads but at the same time there are some more rave type elements like when the breakdown hits with an acid breakbeat segment. You can chill and vibe to this one or get down, your choice.

Austin Ato – Music Will Save The Day

I love this tune for the combination of its beautiful piano cords and the melodic bells that play call and response with each other throughout. I’ve definitely played this one at sunrise somewhere on the playa of burning man or sunrise at the after party as well. It’s a vibe for sure.

Austin Ato - Music Will Save The Day (Vocal Mix) (Futureboogie)

Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play the Game

This one is a classic for sure. I love unique vocals of Louise Carver. In combination with thick drums that sound to me like they came from an old school MPC, you gotta love it. Simplicity at it’s finest. R.I.P. Kenny!!!

Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - Play The Game (Extended Mix)

Don Carlos – Alone (Paradise Version)

I know this record has been out a lot longer than when I first heard it but I’m happy about that. I was at Love International Festival in 2017 I believe. My friends and I were at the after party which is hosted each night at a legendary establishment of Tisno, Croatia called Barbarella’s. It’s an open air club on the top of a hillside over looking the sea. I think Gerd Janson was the one who played it, but hearing it for the first time there and in that time and space, it felt like magic. I know it’s corny to say but that’s honestly what it felt like.

Don Carlos (Alone Paradise) 1991

Soul Element feat. Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya

I love everything from Peven Everett but this one is my all time favorites of his. I love the deep bass with short organ stabs and Peven’s vocals are the best. I really feel the emotion that he put into this record. You can feel how bad he wants this individual that he’s singing about.  I can’t even front, this one makes me a little emotional every time I play it but the girls love this one a lot so I’ll play it anyway.

Soul Element feat Peven Everett - How Bad I Want Ya (Main Radio Mix)

Nick Monaco & David Marston – Pussy

I had to throw this one on this list because it reminds me of the time that I played my first Ibiza villa after party back in 2018 at Richy Ahmed’s house. I was with my good friend Jc “The Show” who lives on the island and is good friends with Richy.  Jc has always been a big support to me when it comes to djing so naturally he talked Richy into letting me play.  This was one of the tunes that I played that really got the crowd going.  It wasn’t a big crowd but it definitely set the vibe right at the moment which I think is a good testament to how appropriate it is for an after party.

Nick Monaco & David Marston - Pussy (Official Music Video)

Dj Jeroenski – Quero Tocar

I’m half Latin. My mother is from Quito, Ecuador. Even though I was born and raised in Berkeley, California I have that innate instinct to vibe heavy with latin music. This one is one of my all time favorite latin house records. It makes me want to salsa dance. I really can’t control it lol. It’s also great for the after party if you want to get people moving without trying to play so hard.

DJ Jeroenski - Quero Tocar (2003)

Masarima – Freak Like U

I’ve definitely closed out some parties with this one. It’s very danceable yet super vibes with the funky baseline, epic strings, and classic vocals. This one works well with closing a party as well as at the after party because I believe in leaving people at the club with a similar type of vibe.

Freak Like U (Club Mix)

Papa Lu ‘Rave’ is out now on Too Lost.