Back To Mine With Poulish Kid

A young, German producer, Poulish Kid’s approach to his sounds have made him someone to watch over recent years. Donned in a mask and shrouded in relative anonymity, his biggest project to date and LP ‘In The Shadow of a Giant’ sees the development of his long-standing relationship with record label Audiolith. Having made a name for himself at seminal European festivals such as Sonne Mond Sterne and Canaletto, his work alongside the likes of NVDES, Just A Gent, Kevin Hissink, BLVCK CROWZ, and ESKEI83 has proved there are no boundaries in his music-making. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Poulish Kid.

 Salvatore Ganacci  – Your Mother

Salvatore always brings new approaches to the EDM world. It’s so inspiring how unique yet popular his sound is.

Salvatore Ganacci - Your Mother (Official Music Video)

Damian Marley – My Sweet Lord

I love Reggae music. This song is a real mood and creativity booster for me. Nice to chill but also good to get into a vibe.

MY SWEET LORD by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

Skrillex  – Badders

Skrillex is in my mind one the greatest producer of all time. I simply have to mention his new track ‘Badders’, made by him Peekaboo, Flawden, and legendary G-Rex.

Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Flowdan, & G-Rex - Badders (Official Audio)

Sigrid  – The Hype

Pay close attention, as the lyrics ring so true, and the song exudes the perfect energy.

Protoje  – Incient Stepping

I love the vibe and sound design of this track, it captivates with its unique reggae vibe.

Protoje - Incient Stepping (Official Video)

Poulish Kid  – Once Upon A Time

This track is one of my favourite productions. It creates such an atmospheric ambiance and consistently immerses you in a captivating vibe.

Milky Chance  – Synchronize (RAC Mix)

I’m big Milky Chance fan, but what RAC did to this song is simply genius. I love the vibe and energy of this special mix.

Milky Chance - Synchronize [RAC Mix] (Official Video)

KOAN Sound  – Liquid Levity

KOAN sound did something special with this track. They made a fusion of EDM, Beats and acoustic instruments. Genius!

KOAN Sound - Liquid Levity

Bilderbuch  – Soft Power

International sound with German lyrics. Bilderbuch is Special and so their sound is very unique too.

Bilderbuch - Softpower (official)

Astrid S  – That Guy

Never had Astrid S on my mind, but her song ‘That Guy; really touches me and it’s upbeat character make me wanna dance.

Astrid S - That Guy (Official Lyric Video)

Poulish Kid In The Shadow of a Giant’ album drops via Audiolith on 15th September 2023.