Back To Mine With Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott is a DJ who originates from Sunderland, UK, although his second home Ibiza calls to him every summer, now in his 8th year as an Ibiza Resident DJ and you’ll usually find him soundtracking down Sunset Strip.  He has an enviable residency at the world famous Cafe Mambo, alongside his other residencies there at Savannah Ibiza and Mint Lounge, he is no stranger to playing sunset sessions or a day time pool/beach party and loves the Balearic beat style he gets to play for those. Ryan has played numerous venues and parties in Ibiza, from ‘Cuckoo Land’ at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, ‘Musicana’ at Itaca beach club, the infamous ‘wild corner’ at Hi Ibiza. With his lengthy diverse sets requiring a wide range in music, Ryan has an extensive music library to play anytime of the day or night, which keeps him in high demand as a confident crowd pleaser. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Ryan McDermott.

Bill Withers – I Can’t Write Left Handed

I absolutely love songs with stories to them, this one being quite a heart breaking one and very poignant. Obviously, people know Bill Withers very well, but I feel this one goes under the radar slightly. Incredible!

Bill Withers - I Can't Write Left-Handed (Live) (Official Audio)

Jonny Cash – Ghost Riders In The Sky

Again, continuing the story telling songs, an old family friend used to play Jonny Cash religiously! And this song always stuck out to me, another legend with many, many songs to choose from. But for me everything about this song and the images it conjures up is fantastic! It reminds me of great days driving round playing it loud.

[Ghost] Riders in the Sky

Duran Duran – Ordinary World (Acoustic)

I love the original so much and wanted to play it at Cafe Mambo, but I thought it may be a bit too much until I found this acoustic version. It really highlights the lyrics more and I’ve used it a lot near sunset time, it has an uplifting feel to the song with quite sad lyrics, especially with the story behind it. And it was featured in quite possibly the coolest film ever, ‘Layer Cake’.

Ordinary World (Acoustic)

Nina Simone – Baltimore

One of my favourite songs ever, I remember hearing it just before I came to Ibiza for my first season and would walk near sunset time listening to it. Again a song that conjures up images, I do believe this is a cover, but who better to sing it than Nina? The song commenting on people’s struggles in general, great track! “ain’t it hard just to live?”

Nina Simone - Baltimore (Official Audio)

Depeche Mode ft BBC Concert Orchestra – Walking In My Shoes

I have only recently joined the Depeche Mode party, and heard this great version of this track from the BBC2 piano room. There are now so many tracks I could of chose from these guys, but I love how they completely reinvented this track with this version. They are a fantastic band.

Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes ft. BBC Concert Orchestra (Radio 2 Piano Room)

Sam Fender – The Dying Light

An extraordinary talent from back in the North East of England where I am from. Aanother story telling song conjuring up images of home for me, which means it hits even harder with his description of “Comedy Giants and Penniless Heroes”, sure we all know them! Very haunting song that stirs the emotions thinking of home.

Sam Fender - The Dying Light (Official Lyric Video)

Noel Gallagher (OASIS) – Live Forever (Radio 2 Session)

A recently released new version of this classic Oasis track, a list of some of my favourite tracks would never be complete without one Oasis song in. I could of chosen any Oasis track as they all mean a lot to me, but this brand new acoustic version of the classic changes the song again for me, an indie classic redone beautifully by the legend who wrote it.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Live Forever (Radio 2 Session 08.09.21) (Official Visualiser)

Fleetwood Mac – Big Love

The MAC, I am an absolutely massive fan of the 80’s and is there a better band to sum up the music of it, than that of Lindsey Buckingham the mad genius!?! This track always blows my mind on the production scale, everything about it screams 80’s. And if you can check out the acoustic version solo with Lindsey… Killer!

Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Official Music Video)

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck

Just an incredible piece of music, unique in its sound and production.

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Official Video) HD

South Street Players  – Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox Dub)

I tried to not include any House tracks in this list as thought would be too obvious, but I cannot help but always include this special track, even if house music isn’t your thing, this track to me is pure perfection. It can be played on a beach day, getting ready for a night out, or even in the club for me, the beat, the smooth beat and the amazing vocals perfectly encapsulates the island of….. IBIZA!

South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox Dub Mix)