Back To Mine with S.E.L

North London’s Singer/Songwriter Soulful Emma-Louise (S.E.L) has made it her mission to bring UK Soul ‘back to it’s grassroots’. She is a classically trained musician that started out in the UK Reggae industry and was quickly picked up by Jazzie B and joined British Soul legends Soul ii Soul, both as a lead and backing vocalist. She toured the world as part of the collective for over a decade. She launched herself as an independent artist in 2015 with the anthem ‘Elevation’. Fast forward to 2020, Soulful Emma-Louise has worked with the likes of DJ Spen, Mica Paris, Booker T, SOS Band and Alicia Keys; to name a few. Her highly acclaimed album ‘Loc’d in Consciousness’ was released last year and went straight to No.1 in the UK Soul charts. As her new single ‘Brand New’ (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remixes) drops on Quantize Recordings, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with the UK soulstress, S.E.L…


1. The Internet – Girl

I am such a fan of this group. Such high-quality Neo-Soul music and the lead singer, Syd has the most incredible tone. I take pride in introducing people to this group and they are still somewhat undiscovered here in the UK.

The Internet - Girl (Official Video) ft. KAYTRANADA

2. Sade – Sweetest Taboo

This is my favourite Sade song and one that I always put on to mellow things out. A voice like no other and a true queen.

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo - Official - 1985

3. Caron Wheeler – I Adore You

This is by far my favourite of Caron’s songs. I absolutely loved this song growing up and was so honoured to perform it with her so many times over the years. Her tone is lighter than her other songs on this track, which brings out her emotion.

4. Maxi Priest – Wild World

This has and always will be my favourite song of all time. Since I was 5 years old when I first heard it, I have loved it ever since. It appears on all of my playlists, no matter the genre! Lol. Always makes me just stop whatever I’m doing and completely focus and get lost in the song.

Maxi Priest - Wild World (Official Video)

5. Donae’o – Devil in a blue dress

Love Donae’o! This was where I first discovered him. Such a unique voice and creator of songs that hype any and every dancefloor.

Donaeo. Devil in a Blue Dress.

6. Karizma – Darqness

What an anthem! Imagine a tune that gets the dancefloor so hype without a vocalist or any kind of conventional melodic structure. This is one of the many reasons why I love ‘Darqness’ so much. This tune was probably where I properly discovered Karizma. Been a fan ever since.

Karizma - Darqness

7. S.E.L – You Gotta be (DJ Spen’s Gotta Be Housed remix)

Both remixes of this song was such favourites among the global house and soul community. Love what we did with this classic and I absolutely love what Spen did with the remixes too.

S.E.L - 'You Gotta Be' - DJ Spen's You Gotta Be Housed Remix - Official VIdeo

8. Roy Davis Jr-  Gabriel (live garage mix)

Need I really give reasons why I love this song. A song that suits any and every occasion and one that always gets everyone singing. So many people have done different versions of it too, which I love.

Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Version)

9. DJ Spen & Sheila Ford – Mr Melody

My fave on Spen’s album. The fusion of classic bebop and house has been done with finesse. Love Sheila’s performance on this track. Again, a song that always features on my playlists and one that I always have playing in my living room after a night out.

Mr. Melody (Original Mix)

10. S.E.L –   Brand New (Dj Spen and Michele Chiavarini remix)

The original version of this track is probably my favourite off of my album. The remix compliments it perfectly. The live instrumentation is what makes track really stand out. Truly blessed to have such maestros do the remix

S.E.L - Brand New (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)


S.E.L ‘Brand New’ (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remixes) is out now on Quantize Recordings