Back To Mine with Sam Purcell

DMCWORLD checks in with Blank Mind label boss Sam Purcell as he releases one of the best comps of 2021 – ‘Comme de Loin’. Put together during the first lockdown of 2020, a record that explores the eerie and the dreamlike. Translating as ‘from afar’ or ‘from a distance’; ‘Comme de Loin’ is derived from a composition by Clara de Asís’. It interconnects a diverse range of artists through a shared aesthetic quality, “a freedom in exploring the void”. Which leads us beautifuly to a quite stunning Back To Mine 10…

Emerson Kitamura – The Countryside is Great
A record I discovered via EM records which has been a favourite of mine over the last few years.  It’s a joyful and exuberant Hammond Organ jam. Come for the title, stay for the music – TIP!
Emerson Kitamura - The countryside is great (Full album)

The Cryin Shames – Please Stay
I’m a sucker for lush and earnest pop songs like this, a real heart melter from ‘The Emotional, Cosmic and Occult World Of Joe Meek’ compilation. Stylistically it’s similar to Wall of Sound’ music, a beauty.
The Cryin Shames - Please Stay ( 1966 )

Colleen – Everyone Alive Wants Answers
One of those songs that is just as enchanting as it sounded on first listen – the way those harps just float and unfurl. I love the whole album, which has this melancholic and dreamlike mood I keep on coming back to.
Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Terrence Dixon – Self Centered
The Chuang Tzu of techno, a dark hole in which to enjoy the absurdity of it all.
Terrence Dixon - Self Centered

Sam Gendel – Waraku3
I got recommended ‘Fresh Bread’ by my friend Bake a few months ago and I’ve not stopped listening to it since.

Mica Levi – Monos
Mica Levi’s music always feels to me like you are hearing the pure, elemental form of feelings you haven’t experienced yet. This film is pretty wild, a sort of lord of the flies on acid and this track combines the innocence and playfulness of youth with an amped up dread.

Drexciya – You Don’t Know
I think about Drexciya every day, and this was one of the songs which started it all for me. Bone dry, and dripping wet, their music is an endless source of inspiration which reminds you that anything is possible.
Drexciya ‎- You Dont Know (12" Vinyl HD)

Shun – Landscapes 3
Another recent discovery, early generative music by Japanese musician Susumu Hirasawa. It’s a really strange, mutating minimal ambient tune which slowly builds to a really stunning ending.
Shun (Susumu Hirasawa) - Landscapes #3

Coil – A Cold Cell in Bangkok
I listened to this track obsessively whilst ill at home one week a couple of years ago. I didn’t see anyone for almost a week and this was a perfect accompaniment to a weird, enforced isolation which we have all got used to since. It’s serene, ethereal, and dreamlike.
Coil - A Cold Cell in Bangkok

Tujiko Noriko & Joji Koyama – Akichi

This is on the Kuro OST on PAN, a delicate slow burner. The soundtrack has such a wonderful sound quality to it, stripped back, organic and full of tenderness of spirit.