Back To Mine With Sub Tactics

‘Wasp’ and ‘Nexus 9’ were the first two singles to drop from Sub Tactics’ (LiquidEDGE and Berns) self-titled EP, proving they’re a duo who deliver thoughtful and deep drum & bass injected with a signature funk and soul. As well as their instrumentals and vocalist collaborations, adding a touch of live presence to their productions, they aim to keep their approach to music-making versatile. This is all showcased on their own label Mutation Audio and their brand new EP, which gave them full creative control over their work. DMCWorld goes back to Mine with Sub Tactics.


Bjork  – All Is Full Of Love

My favourite tune of hers, it gives me chills, it raises my hairs. The message is beautiful, it hits me personally. Soft break type beats, atmospheric, and it teases in a god damn accordion (who’d of thought that instrument would work in such an atmospheric track).

björk - all is full of love

Demons Seed – Exorcet

The progressive hypnotic vibe of this tune is wonderful, it follows a more progressive house arrangement but its Drum & Bass! My friend at the time showed me this tune, I don’t think I had decks yet. DnB was only really just becoming a thing, he used to like showing me tunes as I thought that generally dnb/jungle was rubbish, haha, but one or two tunes would absolutely blow me away and suck me in. This was one of the first, if not the first.

Exocet - Demon Seed ᴴᴰ

Rui Da Silva   – Touch Me

Again, the hypnotic vibe, the perfect chords, pulsating dream like energy. Just a really nice flow of beats, synthetic music and sultry singing.

Rui Da Silva Feat Cassandra - Touch Me (Lyric Video Official)

Har Mar Superstar – Power lunch

Pure jokes with added cool, sick Analog arpeggiation bass/lead, crunked beat, roll it out, “sounds good”, “looks good”. And the delivery of the singing/almost rap/talk, the vocal quality of the female vocals, the vibrato and possibly double tracking sounds lush.


Brad Fiedel – Terminator Theme

My Grandad somehow convinced my mother it was fine for a 12 & 8 year old to watch this film, he had recorded from tv on to a VHS. Me and my brother went round and watched it, he sat us down in the living room, dimmed the lights, and left us on the sofa! I was gripped and terrified at the same time, yet it instilled so much hope!  I also particularly loved the music going on throughout, and when the end credits came on, I couldn’t help myself but to get up and rewind this full version of the music that I was hearing throughout the film. Probably did it about 3 times before my bro got annoyed. The brooding hypnotic energy, super cool tune all Analog to the core.

The Terminator • Main Theme • Brad Fiedel


Bicep – Apricot

Just puts a massive smile on my face. Love the trance it puts me in.

BICEP | APRICOTS (Official Video)

Monroe ft Emily Makis – Never Too Old

Lyrics really speak to (and bass lines tickle) my very soul. Beautiful track, pretty much the pinnacle of this style for me.

Monrroe Ft. Emily Makis - Never Too Old

Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

Love the vibe off this track. The synths, the breaks, the vocal track all exceptionally executed.

Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces

Oozes cool, oozes funk, could listen to this on repeat all day long.

Average White Band - Pick up the pieces

Jamiroqui – Canned Heat

Whatever bad shit is going on, stick this track on and let it go. Love the funk.

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

Sub Tactics – Sub Tactics EP is out now on Mutation Audio.