Back To Mine with Swim The Shine

Swim the Shine is 95% organic and may contain a DJ, a VJ, an electronic music producer and the owner of the label Gun Raven. He was born in Budapest and after moving and traveling around the world has settled in Zurich, Switzerland.

Because his place is often the terminal station of a night out, this “Back to Mine” feature rings true and resonates especially well with him. Case in point: he used to host the Sunday Bounce events, which, as the name suggest, involved food, drinks and music on Sundays. The aim was easing the path from the dance floor on Saturday night to the office by Monday morning.

In his words “Like a good warm up DJ who should take dancers from their seats to the dance floor and elevate them to euphoria, a proper after should do the exact opposite and do it seamlessly.” The following 10 tracks will attempt to do just that.

Audio Bullys – Flickery Vision (Tim Green Remix)

We are still dancing, but it’s an afterparty so let’s start with a deep cut. A groovy track that ponders “should I get some sleep today or should I stay awake?”

Audio Bullys - Flickery Vision (TG a.k.a. Tim Green Remix)

Fatboy Slim & Macy Gray – Demons (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Although higher in BPM, the next track starts to mellow out while gently declaring “I wanna dance ‘till my last breath”.

Fatboy Slim - Demons (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Audio Bullys – Only Man

Let’s face it. After parties are often where new and old and current lovers find each other. So, let’s continue with a “love song”. And what a video this is!


Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Scissor Sisters Remix)

If you’ve been to a good afterparty you might have felt comfortably numb at some point.

Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (Timo Maas Extended Remix)

Silence after numbness…

Enjoy the Silence (Timo Maas Extended Remix)

No Logo – Party Animal

We can all sing together “I’m a party animal, pa pa pa pa“, while we find our comfortable place to laze around for the rest of the party.

No Logo - Party Animal

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

Gui Boratto is one of my absolute favourite producers. One of my personal highlights of 2022 is that after his most recent gig here in Zurich, we ended up at my home studio jamming and dissecting the Logic Pro X project file of the original version of Stealth Mode. He also got a sneak peak of the next track to be released on Gun Raven.

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adora

A bit of electronica by a rock band. Maybe an outlier in this list, but a masterpiece of a video!

The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore (Official Music Video)

Chew Fu feat. Steve Clisby – Purple Rain (Mousse T’s Home Alone Mix)

I was at a recent afterparty, where this remix of the Prince classic was the final track. If you’re going to re-touch the work of a master do it like this!

Chew Fu feat. Steve Clisby - Purple Rain (Mousse T's Home Alone Mix)

Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle


Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Official Audio)

Swim The Shine ‘Stealth Mode’ is out now