Back to Mine with Trulz & Robin

With a cool new Analogue House album out on Norway’s Snick Snack Music titled ‘Out Of Sync’, featuring the likes of Robert Owens, Kate Pendry and Baseman, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Scandinavian electronic duo Trulz & Robin.

Chateau Flight – Cosmic Race

The music says it all. What a journey of love and melody. Speechless!!! I have played this track since I got it in 2002, and I am still in love with it. A beautiful Masterpiece.

VER034 : Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race

Convextion – Miranda

One of my all-time favourite techno tracks. I heard Juan Atkins play this at a party in Amsterdam in 1997. I had no idea what it was, and it blew me away. Timeless! It was not until many years later I found out what it was, and years after that, I managed to get a copy for myself.

Convextion - Miranda (Original Mix)

Plaid – Buddy

A long-time favourite for over 20 years now. What a magical vibe and groove!

OST & KJEX – Have U Seen The Moon In Dallas

From our good friends Ost & Kjex’s first album. I just love the playfulness in the track, and it’s all made from cheese and biscuit sounds.

Have U Seen the Moon in Dallas

Teste – The Wipe

I heard Darren Emerson drop this at the Quart festival in 1994. WOW!!!! One of my all-time favourites!

Teste - The Wipe (5am Synaptic) - Plus 8 Records - 1992

Autechre – Clipper

A life-changing album for me, we would play this over and over before and after the rave.

This is the track that I first fell in love with.

Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

I can still smell the dewberry-scented oil from the smoke machines when I listen to this track. So much love and unity.

The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea HD (Offical Video)

The Source Experience – The Source

Growing up in Gothenburg as rave kids way too young, we had the privilege to know some older legends that would help us get into the party, and Robert Leiner was one of those guys.

The Source Experience - The Source Experience (1993)


Catnip – Word To The Bird

Electro was always my closest ally, whenever I needed comfort, this track is from Gothenburg Elektro don Eargoogle and Danny Wolfers.

Catnip - Word To The Bird

Glass Domain – Interlock

I’ve played all the tracks on this one so many times and it’s still in my bag.

Glass Domain - Interlock (1991 detroit)

Trulz & Robin ‘Out Of Sync’ album is out now on Snick Snack Music.