Back To Mine With ZENON

MΛNTRΛPΞΘPLΞ is a Bali-based community of people who are dedicated to celebrating creativity, freedom of self-expression and organic music vibrations. Up and coming talent ZENON is the first artist to be showcased on Serge Proshe’s new label with ‘UNFOLD’ feat. Benjamin Yellowitz. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine With Zenon.

Ae:ther – Dynamite ft. Benjamin Yellowitz

A light summer track. Interestingly, the vocals are lifted and processed to sound intriguing at a high bpm.

Ae:ther - Dynamite feat. Benjamin Yellowitz

Max Styler & FRANCO BA – Rock The House

An upbeat and fun track that sets the mood. The melody is simple yet not tiresome. The drop is well extended.

Max Styler & FRANCO BA - Rock The House (Extended Mix)

andhim – Overnight

A calm background track with a melodious, mood-setting vibe.

andhim - Overnight

ATB – 9PM (Till I Come)

A retro track from my childhood. Cool, simple, memorable melody. Interestingly, Peggy Gou used a variation of this sample in her hit “(It Goes Like) Nanana”.

ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) - HQ

Alex Kennon – Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)

An evening/night track perfect for Friday vibes. The atmosphere is nicely created with a blend of car signalling samples and vocal samples.

Alex Kennon - Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)

TMPL – The Lake

Background music that doesn’t overwhelm, yet remains engaging. Interesting vocals add a unique touch.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Square 1

One of my favourite tracks. Perfectly matched tones create a warm atmosphere that invites introspection. Ideal for strolling with headphones. By the way, there’s a film about Paul’s life. This track was written during the challenging times when he was in rehab.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Square 1

Boris Brejcha – Moondancer

This track marked the beginning of my obsession with music production. An incredible build-up with a drop that sends shivers down your spine. The sustained mood of the track is suitable for both clubs and solitary headphone listening at home.

Rank 1 – LED There Be Light

A classic trance track. Emotional build-up and a driving beat. For me, this is an iconic trance piece.

L.E.D. There Be Light (Extended)

Gus Gus – Arabian Horse

Fantastic vocals and beat. This track never ages and sounds as modern now as it did 15 years ago.

Gus Gus - Arabian Horse (Live on KEXP)