Basic Tape are the French electronic / pop production duo who drop their new track ‘Melody’. This is the kind of song that is locked and loaded with an infectious ear worm chorus that you will instantly adore, inducing mass sing along’s across the globe. Influenced by the sounds of Daft Punk and The Swedish House Mafia, they come together to tell DMCWORLD about their remixes, musical tastes and what they have in the pipeline…


Let’s talk about your original name – Basic Tape – Obviously inspired by the old 70/80’s cassettes – what is that you love so much about this particular format? 

It took us a while to find a name for our duo, we actually found the word tape looking for inspiration in a French to English dictionary. The tape is an object that we have a lot of memories with, we both used to record our favorite songs on the radio using tapes when we were children.

Did you always want to be producers? Where and how did you meet? 

We both were attracted to music very young and we developed a strong interest towards music-making while we were in our respective high schools. We met in a sound engineering school in Paris, we quickly became friends but only at the end of the 3 years course we teamed up and started Basic Tape. It’s been 4 years since we started producing together.

You have different musical tastes – tell me about this, do your styles complement each other? 

For sure, it’s really good to come from different musical backgrounds as producers because it’s more influences to draw inspiration from and it can create an interesting mix. That being said we have very similar musical tastes overall.

Basic Tape – Melody (Lyric Video)

Do You DJ? If so where can we see you playing and what is your style? 

We’ve done a few DJ and live sets but we decided to put it aside for a little while to focus on releasing more music and develop a better show.

You have some impressive remix credentials can you let me know some of the artists and remixes that you are most proud of?

We did a remix for Alesso a few years ago, at the time we’d released a few remixes online but it was almost only bootlegs. Being big fans we were really excited to get a remix request for « Heroes » in our email box.

What are you working on at the moment? What’s is the pipeline?

Right now our main focus is to make new music and remixes, we have been working on a few songs for quite some time, hopefully they’ll be ready for release soon!