China…are you ready??


You’ll be on the road a lot this year with highlights such as Daydream Festival (China) next month. What are your thoughts on playing in China and have you had many tour experiences there in the past?

China has been a great place to play for us recently, the EDM scene is relatively new and it’s amazing to see how excited the people are at the shows. New clubs pop up in cities that we have never heard of but where millions of people live, for us it’s a whole new world and it is a great adventure discovering and sharing our music with.

What else you have planned this year in terms of new shows?

We have a lot of shows coming up all around the world, festival season has basically started so it’s going to be super busy. of course, one we really look forward to is playing the main stage of Tomorrowland again.

You’ve several releases on imprints such as Smash The House, Spinnin and Musical Freedom. What do you have lined up this year in terms of new offerings in the studio?

We just came off the release on musical freedom ‘are you randy’ with bali bandits and that one is still going strong, our next one will be another one on smash the house it will be a solo track called ‘the riddle’ and for the breakdown we used the melody of a dance classic.

Could you give one production tip that you use on all of your tracks?

Just have fun producing and find your own style. Success is not the pursuit, the pursuit is making music in your own vision. Whatever then happens, happens. On a technical note: EQ!!!

What’s one thing you enjoy doing outside of making music / touring?

Sports, food and hanging with friends.

Do you have any major specific goals you want to achieve this year?

Nothing too specific but like we say every year; “we want to do it bigger and better”…

Bassjackers will be appearing at the Daydream Festival in Shanghai, China on April 14th – 15th