Beatamines is a German Live DJ/Producer with many years in the game, and a live performance to rival most. With a new LP ‘X’ on the horizon, we sat down to talk about the upcoming project, his live show, and his plans for the rest of 2018…

How are you? How has the year been so far?

Hello, Iʼm pretty well. The Year has been great so far! Iʼve finished my third Longplayer „X“ and really looking forward to play the new Live-sets this summer!

How different do you sound solo vs when working with others like David Jach? Is there more freedom to do what you want?

It always depends on the collaboration. With whom you make a track together. With David Jach and I, I was always the executive hand and was responsible for the productions. Iʼve learned for collaborations you should open for compromises. Normally there are not too many differences between my „solo“ or „collaboration“ sound. In my solo project as “Beatamines” I sound maybe more colourful because I like the freedom between the Genres (House & Techno music).

How have you evolved your sound since you focused on solo stuff?

I had always the focus on solo stuff since I started my „beatamines“ Project 10 Years ago. In between there were different projects and collaborations that I had a lot of fun and were important to me. Due to various circumstances (I became a father, A & R for loud mischief) I had to re-sort my priorities. As it is right now I like it the best. Too many projects also mean a lot of effort and that can quickly become very stressful.

Where do you start on a track, is there always something you want to nail, something certain to say with each new track?

In the past I always started with the beats. After that came most of the bass and the other synth stuff. But this is not the case anymore. In the studio, I let the emotions go and just feel free to run. For some time now I have many hardware synthesizers in the studio and record much more than before. I’m very happy not to do anything with the mouse in the studio. Everything has become haptic and more intimate.

Any key bits of gear that really define your sound or studio approach?

My new monotoring setup by Neumann has brought me the most forward I think! I have the KH810 Sub and the KH310 Tops. It is amazing to produce and listen to music on this system. And of course all the plug in stuff by Slate Digital. They have great equalizers and compressors and some other great mixing tools!

You have an album coming soon. What should people expect from it?

Yes the album is finally finished and I’m really looking forward to show it to the whole world. It’s my third studio album and itʼs a special one to me because I celebrate with “X” also my ten-year anniversary as “Beatamines”. I do not want to reveal too much yet but from downbeat to techno everything is there!

Why now for an album? Why is the time right, how will it differ from regular 12”s?

Over time, I’ve noticed that it gives me more pleasure to produce an LP. I also like singles and ep’s, but the album format is easier for me.

Was it written on one focused period? Was there an overall concept for it from the start?

The only thing about this album “Concept” is / was, I would like to celebrate together with Lauter Unfug a decade of Beatamines.

Tell us about your Lauter Unfug label – what are the pros and cons of running a label in 2018?

I’m so happy and grateful to be part of Lauter Unfug. I have a great team behind me and weʼre working really hard to keep the level of our imprint very high. The biggest pros to me to run Lauter Unfug is that fact of more freedom for my music and to sign fresh artists. Of course it will not be easier to run a label in 2018. It has changed a lot and you have to come to terms with the fact that many new areas such as social media, pr-stuff etc need attention as much as ever before.

What else have you and the label got coming up?

A lot of fresh stuff is in the pipeline! The “Irma Ep” by Lily Pita from Indonesia is still hot! Matchy & Stereo Express deliver a strong Afro House number with “Mantra”! And at the end of may my album will be released. It is always worthwhile to hear over here!

Beatamines’ ‘X’ is out on 28th May on Lauter Unfug