The Dutch kings on a mighty 2017 rollercoaster…


Interview by Dan Prince


Thom, Idir a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD. Where in the world are you right now?

Hi Dan! At the moment we’re back home in The Hague (Holland), just got home from a little Asia tour last week. Spending lots of time in the studio right now to get prepared for a busy month in March.

Well what a start to 2017 you have had, next week sees the release of ‘Black Rose’ which is the third track from the XX Files EP. This time round your music features the talents of Jonathan Mendelsohn…please talk us through the track…

Black Rose with Jonathan Mendelsohn is the long-awaited follow up of our collab ‘Ghost In The Machine’ which we released in 2015. We’ve deliberately chosen for a drop on 01:00 min, so it’s easier for other DJs to mix this song in their sets.


What will be coming out next from you guys musically?

Of course we’re now working towards the release of our XX Files EP on March 10, and that’s just the beginning of some more exciting stuff that will drop in 2017. Can’t spoil anything just yet


Looking through the last few weeks of your Facebook posts and you have been hanging with some dope DJs. Armin, DVBBS, Hardwell, W&W, Tiesto…the list goes on and on. Who are your best friends from the world of DJing and who always  ensures a sore head after partying with them?

Haha all Dutch DJs basically are one big group of friends. Whenever we run into each other we always try to attach a little party to it, but make sure we stay fresh enough to play another show! Let’s leave it there!


You have festivals in Asia, Mexico and Europe around the corner, what festivals do you always make sure you are booked into every year and what was your best festival moment of 2016?

Actually every festival has its own charm, there is not one certain festival we want to play every year. This year we hope to be back at Tomorrowland and Parookaville. Parookaville is a German festival which was great last year, one of the best ones. Also Tomorrowland (of course), Ultra and lots of other festivals have left great memories.


Okay let’s dig a little deeper into your daily life. The last…

Amazing film you saw


Time you two argued with each other

Last week!

Cool live artist you went to see

The Neighbourhood

Brilliant book you read

The Secret

Expensive gift you bought yourself

Our cars, we’re both really big fans of cars!


One of your fans on social media recently posted this : “vietnam raver know you, vietnam raver like you, vietnam raver love you, vietnam raver enthusiasm when you came, vietnam raver need you, vietnam raver want you to come to vietnam please.” So guys, any plans to visit Vietnam any day soon?!?!

Unfortunately this is not something we can influence ourselves, but we really hope to be there soon!

The 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

Blasterjaxx ft. David Spekter – Collide
Giorgio Guerra – Scattered Among Galaxies
Blasterjaxx – More ft. Mister Blonde
Bassjackers & Brooks – Joyride
Felmax – Back


Away from your own studio, what other musical plans do Blasterjaxx have in 2017

As you know we also have our own record label, Maxximize Records. We just rounded up a successful first year, it really exceeded our expectations and for 2017 it’s our mission to do it even better.

Let’s skip forward 5 years to 2022. What do you want to have achieved both on a personal level and career level by then?

That we’ll still be on top of our game with Blasterjaxx with a dedicated fanbase. And on a personal level, well who knows… maybe there will be a Blasterjaxx baby haha…

And finally, it was Valentine’s Day last week. How many cards did you get?

Haha actually I haven’t even checked, I was away on tour!