Born and raised in Greece, Bonnie & Klein are the aliases of George Fountzoulas and Thanasis Skouzis, two Balearica devotees who stick their musically beloved heads together to create soul moving music, enjoying releases on Seamless, Timewarp, Uber and Leng. Next up for the duo is their brand new Music For Dreams album ‘Ithaca’, we catch up with them to discover how they fell in love with the sounds of chill…



Where in Greece are you based?

We are located in Nafpaktos, a beautiful seaside town in Greece, which combined with a mountain, creates traditional Greek beauty.

Is there a Balearic-inspired or chill music scene where you live?

Our city combines architectural beauty with natural beauty. The sound of nature, the sea and the mountain as well as the image of our beautiful city could be said to compose a Balearic-style music scene.

The album is called Ithaca, like the Greek Island of mythological ruler Odysseus (Homer’s The Odyssey). Would you say your music was inspired by Greece and Greek culture?

Our music is a combination of images created by Greek and Mediterranean landscapes. We could say also that the evolution of electronic music during the 80s and 90s played a particular part in helping in our creativity as producers.

How did you meet musical svengali Kenneth Bager, owner of Music For Dreams?

Our first contact with Music for Dreams was made on the back of promos we were sending Kenneth over a period . We were surprised when Kenneth Bager replied to our promos telling us that we could have a partnership. What we can say about him is that with his immediacy and simplicity, he has been very professional.

Music For Dreams is based in Copenhagen, do you get to play in Denmark?

After our first release at Music for Dreams with “Total Blue” we were invited by the company to play music at the Luisiana Museum of Modern Art. There we personally met Kenneth Bager and other well-known artists of the company. For the moment there is no other visit in the programme. Of course, it would be a great pleasure
if we were given the opportunity to visit Denmark again.

Chillout music has enjoyed a renaissance in Ibiza at venues like Hostal La Torre, Jockey Club and Café DEl Mar. Do you spend time on the island?

We have never been to the island, however we are hoping to go in 2018.

If you had to pick one song on the album that perfectly summed up ‘your sound’, what would it be?

Although it is difficult to include our sound in only one track, if we had to choose only one, it would be “Coral”, our sunset chill out gem.

What is your recording process as a duo.

We have a studio overlooking the sea where we make music and during production we try to create “balearic”style vibes according to our mood.

Please give us a quick guide through some key tracks on the album and the story and emotion behind them?

First of all, the track “Beautiful City” reflects the spirit of our city both in the summer and the winter. Then is “Vroxero Oneiro” in collaboration with Marie Makropoulou, which was created through a literary approach. The Greek verse dominates and so it is given the opportunity to travel abroad. Finally, “Ithaca” reflects the beauty and tranquility of the Greek island of Ithaca, which enchants every visitor.

What are your favourite pieces of music?

There are many tracks, one such electronic track from the nineties is “One Love Family” from Liquid.

Are you collaborating with other artists?

We mainly work as just the two of us, but as you will see on the album there are collaborations with other artists, mainly singers.

Are you fans of house and techno?

We prefer house music and especially the house of the 90s as there were so many artists at that time who influenced the genre.

You are have also released music on other labels. What are your future release plans?

We have worked with some remarkable companies whose profile is very high and our goal is to keep these collaborations as well as create new ones.

Any plans to come to the UK?

Would love to. Do you have something in mind?


Tracklist :

1. Bonnie & Klein – Ithaca
2. Bonnie & Klein – Coral
3. Bonnie & Klein – Aguavivas
4. Bonnie & Klein – Vrohero Oneiro (Feat. Marie Makropoulou)
5. Bonnie & Klein – Beautiful City
6. Bonnie & Klein – Oneiric
7. Bonnie & Klein – Total Blue
8. Bonnie & Klein – Demode
9. Bonnie & Klein – Magnolia
10. Bonnie & Klein – Someone Who Loves You