Chelina Manuhutu

Dutch-born producer Chelina Manuhutu sits down with DMC World ahead of the release of her forthcoming single ‘Fantastic Job’ to discuss her history with The White Isle, her musical inspirations, the tracks that never leave her record box, and the king of Ibiza – Carl Cox.

Hi Chelina, thank you for taking the time to speak to DMC World! Where in the world are you right now?
Right now I’m on the plane from Amsterdam heading back to Ibiza!
For those of our readers that don’t know, you were named Dutch Model of the Year in 2010. How did you first get into music and why did you decide to give up modelling to pursue a career in the music industry? 
I grew up in a very musical environment and I was always surrounded by different styles of music. Electronic music always triggered me as well as the turntables. I’ve been playing for 11 years now and in 2011 I just wanted to spend more time playing professionally, all around.
Who would you say are your biggest musical inspirations? 
My inspiration is my dad for sure. He has so much passion and pleasure in what he does and he is still performing with his band and making new tracks. I look so much like him, always on the road, and its fun to see that. Also my brother, cause he was playing electronic music back in the days, and I was so amazed seeing him play with vinyls. And of course one of my all time favorites is Carl Cox. He played at the first festival I ever attended and it took me to another level. I think he has such a great vibe and joy when he plays and I just love the music.
Do you come from a musical family?
Yes. As I said my Dad being a band leader and singer, basically my whole family are musicians. Uncles and cousins playing guitar, drums, percussion, timbales etc.  Also my mother was a professional dancer and teacher for musicals, ballet and TV & fashion shows.
You were born and raised in The Netherlands but now you live in Ibiza. Why did you make the move and what do you think makes Ibiza so special as a musical destination?
It’s funny but I always had a connection with the island and always wanted to live in Ibiza. Ibiza is super special for me and it breathes electronic music all around, whenever you are on the beach, in a club, or just driving around with the radio on.
Which parties are you playing on the island this summer?
I will be playing at Hï Ibiza this summer for some Tuesdays at Solardo’s residency, and also doing lots of streamings and radio shows.
How, if at all, do you think Ibiza has changed over the past few years? Do you think it’s been positive change?
Yes it has changed for sure, but everything changes. Because of social media of course all the hidden spots are full of tourists now, but I think we just have to adapt to the time we are living in and enjoy it anyways. It’s still the most magical and most beautiful island of electronic music and all great artists are coming to play or just have fun, so the vibe is still on.
Have you got any new music forthcoming that you can share with our readers?
Yes I will have a new release with my friend Fran Ares called ‘Fantastic Job’ coming out on 16th of July on Lemon-Aid music label. Super excited for that one!
What five of your favourite records that you’ve been playing out recently?
Boys in tha Hood (Camelphat remix) – Wade
Can’t Truss – Leon, Shaf huse
Jessycat – Jey Kurmis
Boo boo – Black girl, White girl
Night with Gruuv – Gruuvelement’s
Any other big plans for the rest of the year?
Well the summer is very busy traveling alot around the world. I will be playing for great festivals this summer and super excited cause I’m playing at Electrobeach in France before the legend Carl Cox. But many more festivals with great artists. Also I will be back for the elrow madness again in Bali and some more dates in Asia. For sure i will be doing some touring this winter but lets see what happens. You can’t plan everything right?
Chelina Manuhutu & Fran Ares – Fantastic Job is out on July 16th via Dennis Cruz’s Lemon-Aid Music imprint. Available for pre-order now.