After being dubbed as ‘Norway’s finest’ by Pete Tong, DMCWORLD thought it about time we checked into the life of this prolific producer. With numerous chart topping singles and 6 platinum sales, we delve in as the remixes to his mighty ‘Trouble’ cut explodes…



Welcome to DMC World, CLMD. How are you? For readers who might not know you could you tell us about your background and how you got into music?

Hi, and thank you! I’m well, just a little bit cold as we’ve had massive snowfalls here in Norway the last few days. I’m Martin Danielle, the man behind the musical moniker CLMD. I started creating music in 2007, and became a full time producer, DJ and artist in 2010. I’ve toured all over the world since then, released a few tracks and finally got my debut album out last year. I also produce for other acts and have done my fair share of remixes throughout the years.

Talk to us about your latest single “Trouble”, how did it come together?

After releasing my album, my entire career was in complete limbo. I had made this huge project and didn’t really know where I wanted to take CLMD next, it felt like an end of an era. So in lack of anything better to do I took to the studio with a couple of my best friends, and we played around for a few weeks, with no pressure of creating “hits”. And then “Trouble” was born! In my experience all of the best tracks its created when you’re not really looking for it. the worst thing you can do to yourself is going into the studio expecting to create a money maker.

Being backed by legendary broadcaster Pete Tong is obviously a huge achievement, how did you react to this on the day? Did this help lead on to opportunities and collaborations after this?

Being supported by the titans of the industry is so important, and can take you both personally and professionally so many unexpected places. I was in shock when Pete Tong got in touch. Like, how would even have heard the tracks? I’m so humbled by the support I’ve received over the years from incredible DJs and producers, and try to pay it forward whenever someone new and upcoming producer asks for my input on their project.

This is one for more of our producer readers, how do you come up with ideas in the studio and in your songwriting and production?

As I briefly mentioned, I feel like expecting too much from yourself in the studio does nothing but kill your creativity. Don’t be afraid to play around, try something outside the box and take chances. The industry moves so fast anyway, so if you try to make something that trendy now, it’ll be old by the time you’ll get your music released. But one of my best tips is to always get your ideas down first, however small it might be. Don´t focus on the technical stuff. Those ideas  will always come in handy those days you’re out of ideas or stuck on something. I’d guard my idea-bank with my life!

As a producer and an artist, who are your influences?

I’m a such a sucker for french house, but I’d say my biggest influences professionally has to be Martin Solveig, his ideas are crazy ingenious and I just love his love for the industry. Also Swedish House Mafia has been massive to me, they were the biggest ones out there when I started out, and after joining Steve Angello on tour for a brief moment, I was just so amazed by his talent and great personality.

You’ve been involved in many collaborations with Astrid S and Justine Skye, as well as remixed for the likes of Bruno Mars and NERVO. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Such a hard question! As a producer, I’m so dependent on a great vocalist for my tracks, and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with such wonderful people this far in my career. If I could pick from the top shelf, my next collaboration would be Robyn. Or Dua Lipa. I also have secret crush on hip hop, so something with Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West would be sick.

In terms of your live show, is this something you’re looking into or do you prefer to perform as a DJ in your sets?

I was a DJ before I became a producer, so I love just nerding on the decks for hours, and playing longer sets is so rewarding to me. I’m a DJ at heart and will always fight for the lost art of real DJ-ing!

You’ve also appeared as a mentor on ‘The Voice’, how has this experience been like so far and what have you learned from this?

Mentoring younger talent is the best feeling ever, it’s feels great to give back some of that knowledge. I do The Voice alongside Morten Harket,´of Aha, Lene Marlin and Yosef from hip hop duo Madcon, and the friendships we’ve developed is so unique. We’ve all had our fair share of experiences, and we come from such different backgrounds. It’s developed me a lot as a person as well.

What can people expect to look out for this year?

-Everything. New tracks, new shows, new music videos, new mixes, new remixes – you name it. I’m hoping to put together a new album as well, as I fell I’m on a roll in the studio. But we’ll see if it’s for this year or the next. I have a fantastic team around me, and they are all enabling me to be so creative and productive. So just watch this space!

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes in your box this weekend…

Axwell – Nobody Else

– This is just filled with nostalgia, and gives me real hope for the direction house music will take over this  upcoming year.

Alan Fitzpatrick – We Do What We Want

– This one just elevates the dance floor . Just the perfect amount of 90s reference for the millennials

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs –  Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)

– Just pure happiness for me. Love all versions of this track, but this specific remix blows me away.


– For being a person who didn’t jump on the dubstep wave, i must say that these guys have won me over with their electro dubstep track. This track is massive!

Adrian Lux – Meditation

Always been a huge fan over everything Adrian has done. This is no exception! Love the dreamy vibe!


Check out ‘Trouble (Remixes) out now

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