A huge day awaits us all at the next Cream @ Camp & Furnace adventure this Saturday, which for the first time will take place as a daytime event. Daytime clubbing in the UK has come from nowhere to rival our all-night shenanigans, why has it taken us so long to get on one in the daylight clubbing hours?

I think clubbing has always been associated with the night and now there is an older crowd that enjoy clubbing and don’t want to be out all night.

Can you remember your first ever Cream experience, your first time playing to this legendary crowd?

First time I played at Cream I thought the crowd in Liverpool was wonderful and really up to it.

3 big tunes you’ll be smashing at Cream this weekend?

I’ll be playing a lot of new music from my album.

favourite memory from Creamfields?

Looking out and seeing a crowd of people dancing to my song Southern Sun.

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

My new artist album, new single with Aloe Blacc.

A worldwide DJing destination you love having your passport stamped in at the moment?

Buenos Aires

Where is it always a pleasure returning to…?

Buenos Aires

It is a huge year for the 90s revival in the UK with the huge Human Traffic events at Printworks, Kevin & Perry taking over Ibiza once again and of course the numerous big raves starring Altern 8, Adamski et al. What are your thoughts on this latest clubland takeover? Is nostalgia healthy for the scene or should we be looking forward?

Nostalgia is healthy to the scene because it educates the next generation of what we’ve done and the music that we’ve played.

And finally, let’s skip forward a year. What is one of the main things you want to achieve in 2020?

What I want to achieve is focus and the release of my new music.

“Paul Oakenfold plays the Cream @ Camp & Furnace Daytime Special, this Saturday (Feb 29th). The events starts at 3pm and the last few tickets are available here” https://cream.co.uk/liverpool