The Lauren’s deliver an astounding new album with collabs and mixes courtesy of Tricky, Miike Snow, MK, Azarii & III and many more

Your sound has been described as ‘dark witch house, trip hop, the dark side of pop’…how would you describe your sound in 2012.

LF: “Dark and cinematic I suppose. This is a question we never really know how to answer, so it’s understandable that people tag us under all these difference genre names. It’s always up for interpretation.”

So, the new album which we hear is almost finished – where we at with it? When’s it out?

LD: “We’ve finally finished all of the tracks on the record. It feels good to be able to look at all of the songs and see them as a solid body of work.  Very excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
LF: “We are mixing and mastering this month actually. We will announce a release date soon, very very excited to finally have it out there.”

How long has the album taken to create?

LF: “We started writing in 2009, but to be honest, we finished most of the music a year ago. Since we are working with 10 different singers, it’s been tricky for everyone to find time to record. The singers we have worked with, either new or established, are busy people who are touring, recording their own record, etc. So its been a big waiting game.”

Were the choices of collabs and remixers entirely down to you or did management have a say?

LF: “We choose who we want for our record and its been very organic in its process. We generally write a song and the person we want to sing on it sort of presents itself. Although our one manager, Marci, reached out to Lou Rhodes on FaceBook of all things, to see if she’d be interested in working with us. Me being a huge Lamb fan, I was very excited to hear that she had even heard of us. It’s one of my favourite songs on the record. Her voice is so unique and beautiful.”

Who were the bands you were listening to when you were growing up that have influenced you?

LD: “I was highly influenced by Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey, industrial music, post punk, no wave, and a lot of 90s freestyle and R&B. My taste is pretty schizophrenic.”

LF: “I was all over the place from Front 242 to Garbage, Hole, Afghan Whigs, Catherine Wheel, Ministry, Opus III, Thrill Kill Kult to even Sarah McLauchlan.”

You hit the UK and Europe for a string of dates in 2011 – how did the UK crowds take to you? Where was the best night?

LD: “The UK was a whirlwind. The UK crowds were amazing, it was a great learning experience. I’d say my favorite show of ours was playing Berghein with Planningtorock. The venue is beautiful and the bass was so heavy that it was shaking wine glasses in the green room a couple stories up.”

LF: “It was a daunting experience to just sort of get thrown in the deep end. Luckily, the UK scene seemed to embrace us and were very supportive. It was really great to tour with the likes of Mount Kimbie and Esben and the Witch. Their fan base were very open minded and seemed to enjoy what we were doing. Although our live show has developed a bit more, a date that sticks out to me would be Field Day Festival in London. We were on pretty early, I think the 3rd band. It felt great to see so many people that came to see us, and we really clicked as a 4 piece.”

Miss Flax – what is the current top 10 you are spinning…

1) MK – Burning (VIP mix)
2) Jodeci – Freek n You (MK dub)
3) Terrance Parker – Love’s Got Me High (Jimpster Remix)
4) Cesaria Evora = Angola (Carl Craig’s Remix)
5) Moomin – The Story About You (Original Mix)
6) New Look – Teen Need (CREEP remix)
7) Isolée – Monitor
8) Octave One – Blackwater feat. Ann Saunderson & Urban Soul Orchestra – Full Strings Vocal Mix
9) Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Arthur Baker Remix)
10) Blaze – Lovelee Dae – 20:20 Vision Remix

Tell us about your ‘Filth’ club night. Your friend Andrew who helped run it with you sounds marvellous. Techno mixes of monks chanting mixed in with Avril Lavigne and Ke$ha!!?

LD: “Filth” is a club night that I did for fun a couple of years ago. Once CREEP started touring we stopped throwing Filth and it turned into “Gay Vinyl Night,” which is run by Susanne No Bra. It’s wicked – she’s had Genesis P-Orridge, Matthew Stone, Physical Therapy. A very fun crowd and schizophrenic music, so of course I’m a huge fan.”

How is New York’s nightlife at the moment, the city seems to be buzzing once again after a few years in the wilderness. Where do you hang out?

LD: “I usually go to local bars in Brooklyn like “the drink” and “the flat.” The owners of Home Sweet Home just opened a new bar behind the gallery called “Fig 19″ that’s beautiful. I’d say Home Sweet Home has been and continues to be my favourite spot to hang out in New York City though.”

How does the studio partnership work with you two, who brings what to the table – in other words, who’s great at what?

LD: “I am good at roughing things up and Flax is good at smoothing them down. We each seem to pick up where the other leaves off. It’s a good working relationship in the studio.”
LF: “I bring the more classical side of things to our music, strings, etc. Dillard is great at finding contemporary sounds. It’s a nice marriage.”  

What was the last GREAT live gig you went to?

“LIGHT ASYLUM AT WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC HALL. Shannon is the voice of god. They put out one of my favourite records of the year and are even better live.”

Who is the coolest person on your mobile phones?

LD: “Amanda Thompson.”
LF: “Sia, hands down.”

What is the one thing you would change about yourselves?

LD: “I want to learn how to swim.”
LF: “I want to teach Lauren Dillard how to swim.”

Let’s look ahead to the next album – who would be some dream collabs?

LD: “Beth Gibbons, Rihanna, Diamond ATL, Johnny Jewel, Caroline from Chairlift…”
LF: “PJ Harvey, Shirley Manson, Sinead O’Conner, Beth Gibbons, Beth Ditto, Liz Frasier and Anne Hathaway. Yep.”

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