Bringing us their massive beat therapy

Welcome to DMCWORLD boys. An incredible few years with dozens of top class releases on some of the world’s finest labels and appearances at some of the world’s finest clubs! Quite a trip. You are European born, Canadian based…what’s the story there…

“We were both born in Poland in the 80’s. One of us came to Canada at the age of 12 and the other at the age 9. We hated Canada at first and now here we are.”

How did you start to get into EDM in the first place?

“Well we both went to the same elementary school and the same high school. One of us used to always make beats at home and the other ran a promotional company and DJing on the side. Until one day we decided to go for a few beers and talk…few beers and years later on, here we are!”

Was it the DJing or the producing that you really wanted to pursue?

“We actually wanted to do both.  We also knew that to last in this business you have to do both and you have to do them exceptionally well. We didn’t just want to be those next new DJs on the block. We knew we had to be and do something different!”

What was the first record that really made you stop and think wtf is this when you first heard it for the first time?

“To be honest it would have to be Filterheadz – ‘Yimanya’. We were always into the ethic influenced tracks and that track would be a perfect example of a great techno bomb with some great sounding chants. There are a lot of tracks that meet that criteria for us but Yimanya really hit the spot.  Great news from that is we actually did a remix of it and it will be featured on our upcoming debut album!”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

“In no particular order…

1.Leon – In my factory (original mix)

2.Chus & Ceballos , Cevin Fischer – Lost in Music (David Herrero remix)

3.Tony Dee – The king (original mix)

4.Filterheadz – Yimanya (D-Unity remix)

5.Alex Flanter, Martin Eyerer – New world order (original mix)

6.Tom Hades – War locks (Harvey McKay remix)

7.F. Sonik – Forest People (Kaiserdisco remix)

8.Collective Machine – Panoroam (Tony Dee remix)

9.Mr. Bizz – Back in time (Original mix)

10.Denis Horvat – Face it (Alex Tepper remix)

Tell us about the new remix album coming out this summer…some big names on there!

“Oh yes, it’s been over a year in the making but it’s finally all done. Our debut remix album that will feat our take of tracks from Filterheadz, Butch, Pet shop boys, Peter Rauhofer and many more. Every single remix on the album we wanted to make underground and keep that ethnic D-unity feel with each track. Stay up to date with release dates but visiting our fan page, Website and twitter for all updates.”

Your Beat Therapy label goes from strength to strength, what is coming up next from this seminal label…

“We took a little breather for a bit but we are coming back stronger them ever with many MASSIVE releases. We can say that there is a remix package coming up of “Bambo” (that was on beatport top 10 chart for over 4 months) remixers included in the package  will be Tocadisco and us D-Unity. There is also an ep coming up from Phunk Investigation, Tony Dee, Vol.3 of our Beat Therapy compilation, a special edition CD of Vol.2 compilation that feat. Stefano Nofferini, D-Formation, DJ Chus, semini Grigorio, us D-Unity and many others.  Make sure and be on the look out on www.beattherapyrecords.com and Facebook.com/beattherapyrecords as this is only a small taste of what’s to come.”

A couple of years ago you had a nightmare obtaining VISAs that stopped you DJing around the world? What was the problem?

“It’s a very long story that took a lot out of us, it took nearly 2 years and a very labour intensive process to be able to obtain the US visa, but worth ever penny to be able to see our fans on a regular basis.  No need to worry, problem has been solved for some time now and we are all good to go!! See you all on the dancefloors!”

When you were unleashed onto the disco planet, what were the first clubs that you played at which must have been like a dream come true?

“Once we started releasing our tracks years ago we were, you could say, thrown into clubs and DJing right away. Our first gig was at the world renown “The Guvernment” in Toronto. We would not say it was a dream come true exactly as we have much bigger plans in mind and where to take the next step, but it was an amazing experience especially for someone that only had a few releases not too long ago. Huge thanks to “The Guvernment” for taking the chance on us so many years ago.”

You have had so many incredible releases on the likes of Toolroom, yoshitoshi and Ultra – what though do you rate has been your best release to date?

“Thank you so much, yes we have been blessed to be able to work with labels like Armada to Toolroom to Yoshitoshi, Ultra and many others.  There is many releases that did amazing in our eyes but we have to say the one that stands out is actually “shake it” that was released on Beat Therapy Records.  Everywhere we play we always get requests for  that track. We remember it was one of our first tracks that was smashed everywhere by the biggest names in the industry which also included a top 10 on beatport!”

You are residents at the insane Circus After-hours club in Montreal. What a venue and what a crowd. What is it about this place that has made it to legendary levels?

“It has to be a mixture of location, people, great managers and promoters that make that place what it is!  It’s a pleasure and honour to play there every time! Oh yeah – of course we cannot forget the insane Funktion one system!!!”

What are the 3 big Circus tunes you have ever played there?

1.Filterheadz – Yiamania (D-Unity Remix)
2.D-Formation – Izan (Ban Manson Remix)
3.Jay Lumen – Teach us (Original mix)
What do you love and hate about living in Toronto?
“Love the People, hate the politics!”

Where can we find you festival / Ibiza wise this summer – whereyouat?

“There is a few stuff in the works from Festival in Mexico to USA tour to Europe to Album release tour. Will post some dates on that soon!”

Tell us about your studio set up…

“From those who know us, know that we heavily relay on mostly heavy basslines and a lot of tribal drums including many patterns and  making them from scratch. We try to avoid loops from any kind of sample packs etc… Because our style in general relies on those things we don’t need a lot of fancy gear in the studio or a huge amount of outboard synthesizers with a lot of presents and such. Because we like to make things from scratch when it comes to rhythms basslines and drum patters we also record our own samples in the studio and put them in our tracks. Setup is simple:
Pro Tools HD
Logic studio
Virus Ti
Control 24 mixer
Electro-voice RE 20, pair of sm 57s , Beta 52
Huuuugee amount of drums, african rhythms/loops we collected and recorder over the years. Lots and lots of plugins…”

Who brings what to the studio – in other words, who is good at what?

“Over the years we learned to stay out of each other’s way you might say.  When it comes to ideas, getting the ball rolling on a project we are there together deciding what direction to take it in.  After that we both have things that we are good at or better then the other. One of us has more patience so that works well to sit in studio and bangs out a serious tune, the other is more business oriented, marketing etc. once the project/idea is rolling we get the others feed back on what is done to that point and take it from there. Saves us a lot of time and stress!”

What is each other’s most annoying habits on tour?

“It’s not habits that annoy the other as it is just sometimes spending to much time together for example on a tour. There will always be things that annoy the other when day in and day out is spent together, the key is learning how to deal with it and having an outlet to replace the stress or tension. For Example, gloves and a few rounds in the ring haha.”

Best club you have played at in 2012?

“Good question, but it’s actually still about to come, it will be a massive party, we can’t say much but “O2 Arena”.”

Is there still one club out there you still really want to smash?

“We would have to say “Space” in Ibiza.”

What is your greatest weakness in life?

“Our weakness is that we can’t stay away from the studio.  We can’t begin to calculate how many productive and unproductive hours were spent there. Hahaha.”

What has been your proudest moment of your career to date?

“Our proudest moment would have to be the signing and release of our EP on Armin van Buuren’s Armada when we were still climbing the ladder in the DJing world few years back. We finished 3 tracks that we thought would be a good fit for Armada. We spoke to Armin about it and next day received a contract from management. A few weeks after the EP release we found out, out of the blue, that our track “Area 57″ was featured on Armin Only concert DVD with 20,000 people in attendance!”

Have you a nickname for each other?

“Haha no, but it’s funny because we actually don’t even use our own names to call each another. It’s usually “Hey! What should we do about his track?”  or “Yo help me out with that” ! lol. We don’t remember the last time when one of us even said something that included our names to one another…..Hey, maybe that’s the problem?! Our names are the same so it just sounds weird sometimes haha! On the other hand you could say our nicknames for each other is YO! Lol, defeats the purpose because now we have the same name and same nickname lol!”

And finally, what one piece of advice can you offer tot he thousands of aspiring D Unity fans out there who want to follow in your footsteps in production and DJing…

“First we have to say is NEVER give up on what you want to do in life. No matter what people tell you, for example: hearing your parents tell you from a young age to go get a real job and that music is not the future blah blah blah!!!  We had a dream, the only reason we are doing what we love to do is because we didn’t allow all that negativity to get into our lives when it comes to criticism and people around you. You will see, that in this industry and really any business that you want to be on top, you will have to sacrifice everything. No matter what,  you always have to stay positive in order to achieve something great. Remember to check us out at facebook/dunitysoundcloud.com/beat-therapy-records Www.d-unity.net
Love our fans; we get to do what we love because of you! Also big Thank you to DMC World Mag for having us! Stay true to what you believe in! Believe in the music!”