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There has been something of a shift in the air these last couple of years in Ibiza, it’s as if the White Isle has been slowly glancing over it’s shoulder remembering dancefloors from yesteryear. DJs are once again loving playing the odd back in the day anthem, tunes are featuring classic acid samples and nights such as Clockwork Orange and Children of the 80s are ramming out. And so bang on the money yet again, last week legendary promoter and Sankey’s club owner David Vincent announced he is bringing back the Acid House and the Balearic Beat era to the island with his new series of Dance 88/89’ parties featuring performances from some of the biggest original pioneers of all time. Dan Prince slips on his bandana, struggles into his dungarees and grabs his whistle to find out the score from club owner Vincent before the stars of the wheels of steel step up…


Why did you decide that now was the time to launch Dance 88/89’ in Ibiza?

“To be honest with you Dan, I have always been an enthusiast about my nursery raving days. Last year I’ll admit I made a few mistakes with my programming of the nights at Sankey’s Ibiza. To an extent they were cannibalizing each other a little. Half way through the summer I had a look around the island to see what was going on, I saw that Flower Power at Pacha was still really strong with their hippy vibes, Clockwork smashed it again with their weekender and then Children of the 80s had come out of nowhere with artists like Soul II Soul, Robin S and Kym Mazelle with queues down the block. So I thought to myself, hold on a minute – surely it is about time there is a Balearic beats night from the late 80s that would give some of the famous Ibiza history back to Ibiza. So that’s we’ve done. I have never been so buoyant before a season started and that’s mostly thanks to Dance 88/89’.

And booking Alfredo as one of the residents I feel is a masterstroke. I don’t know about you, but in recent years I have felt that promoters in Ibiza have just booked this absolute legend just to look cool?

“Couldn’t agree with you more. A little while ago Alfredo posted on Facebook that he didn’t feel there was any club on the island where he could play his music anymore. How sad is that? There are so many young producers around the world who have made millions all because of people like Alfredo, if it wasn’t for guys like this none of us would be in the music industry today.”

So did you have to give it the big sell to get him to agree to become resident?

“Not at all. I simply said to him you are an artist and you have complete creative control what you play. It’s just like Tony Wilson used to say to artists like New Order at Factory, do what you do best, just play. I feel like I have unlocked Alfredo’s musical shackles this summer. I know we are in very safe hands.”

Standing alongside Alfredo this season is another legend in Bushwacka! Another no brainer getting him on board right?

“Matty is going to have an absolutely massive summer. The music he is making at the moment, the studio collaborations, his Acid House re-edits…he is so on it right now. It’s funny, the other day we were chatting about Dance 88/89’ and he was telling me about the conversations he’d been having with some of the guest DJs coming to play. He admitted he was going to have to raise his game as so many of the DJs were planning their sets meticulously, it is going to be an amazing summer.”

Who are the guest DJs are you really looking forward to hearing?

“Every fucker or I wouldn’t have booked them! Todd Terry is back to his best and is going to be awesome, Fabio & Grooverider back to back is going to be off the Richter Scale, Danny Rampling gives me goosebumps just thinking about his sets, Graeme Park will be fantastic and as for Evil Eddie Richards? He was the don back in the day, the monster of music. Even his name used to make you excited. These DJs are members of the original Beatles of house music and my childhood heroes. This party is a celebration of the return of the true legendary music and is done with a lot of love from my part.”

Did you hear Danny Rampling’s recent Forever Acid House mix? Wow!

“Wasn’t it unbelievable? If ever a mix of music put the official stamp on the re-awakening of Acid House and Balearic Beats, this was it…”

What sort of crowd are you expecting?

“A right mish mash I think. A lot of curious 18 year old coming down to see what all the hype is about, 45 year old island hippies, clubbers from back in the day wanting to get their hands in the air again plus lots of Spanish and Italians. At the end of the day, so many people have read or heard about this infamous few years at the end of the 80s when suddenly music changed forever. We are giving them the experience, let them feel the music and the sensations that we did. I have been listening to a lot of music from back in the day and can’t believe how much quality there was. Back then it was more quality less quantity. It’s the other way round these days. We now have a dance music industry that is formulaic, predictable and corporate. Back then there was no ‘industry’, there was a pure innocence about it all.  I want to take people on a timewarp back in time and give them the chance to have an authentic Acid House journey.”

One thing that the crowd won’t be expecting is finally a club owner standing up to the mobile phone bollocks on the dancefloor…

“Ha ha that’s right. We are banning the use of cameras on mobile phones in the club. We want people to party rather than take pictures or videos – this didn’t happen back in the day unless in was The Sun newspaper…”

And do you think Dance 88/89 is going to be a holiday destination night?

“Oh absolutely. The amount of people contacting us telling us that they’d booked their flights as soon as they the line up is insane. I thought the hype surrounding Red Light in year one was big, but this pisses all over it.”

Back in the UK you’re not messing about either, March 27th sees you take over The Victoria Warehouse in Manchester for a mammoth Dance 88/89’ party starring Alfredo, Adamski, Colin Dale, Evil Eddie Richards, Frankie Valentine, Graeme Park, Marshall Jefferson, MC Kinky, Mr C, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley, Trevor Fung and 808 State. Love it…

“This event is a real amalgamation of everything that was brilliant about Sunrise, The Hacienda, Energy and beyond. The originals. An event of this type is long overdue in the UK. A fantastic warehouse location, a real Acid House line up, lots of the old firm on board. Pete Gooding had a look at the line up and admitted he’d never seen an ‘old skool’ line up as good before. And the tickets are flying out…”

Every promoter has a dream when he dreams up a new night, what’s yours…?

“The dream? We want to take people back to the future – literally! And make them feel they have been transported by aliens back in time to 88/89’.”

There must be a Balaeric tune you are gagging to hear?

“Of course there is. I want to see Alfredo spinning Phil Collins as his last record as the sun comes up. Now who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”


(Weekly Resident)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Rhythm is Rhythm ‘Strings of Life’

808 State ‘Pacific State’

Samurai Sam ‘House of Japanese

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

Playing in Amnesia for a 500 plus crowd in the pouring rain with a dancefloor under half a meter of water and the people having the times of their life…and myself!

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

I think it’s a great time to do this because today’s music has a large number of elements of acid tracks. It will be good not only for the people that were there enjoying it back in the day, but also for the new generation to know more about the musical roots of the scene…



(Weekly Resident)

3 tunes you will definitely be spinning at Dance 88/89’ at Sankey’s Ibiza this summer…

1.  Izit – ‘Stories’

2. Liz Torres – ‘Can’t Get Enough’

3. Jamie Principle – ‘Baby Wants To Ride’

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

The first proper Acid House warehouse party I ever went to – Trip City – in an empty swimming pool in Merlin St, north London in 1988. I’ll never forget rocking up, a queue of people in total silence outside, security with dogs, paying 5 quid to get in, then climbing down the ladder into the pool, turning round…and BOOM!!!! My life changed forever from that moment on…

Why is now the right time for such a party at Sankey’s Ibiza?

For this particular party, because the roots of this sound and scene have all but been forgotten in amongst the egos, the VIP culture, the same same sound so many places are dropping – and the “too cool for school ” mentality that’s saturated the Ibiza scene. This night just goes back to basics and has the potential to be loved for what it is – the music of the Summers of Love.





(June 29th & August 24th)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

‘Lack of ‘Love – Charles B (my favourite track of the era)

‘Ibiza – ‘Amnesia’ (dark n’ nasty, but simultaneously uplifting)

‘Better Days’ – Jimi Polo (I played the piano on it so it’s good for the self esteem)

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

Obviously I have loads of special memories of those days…being amongst the dayglo throng of a social and cultural revolution was exhilarating…the opening night of Amnesia as an attendee in ’88 was inspirational…then actually playing there on the opening night of ’89 was a top buzz. Ahem, as we used to say…

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

Humans need fuel for their spasms of nostalgia…


Fabio & Grooverider

(June 8th, July 6th, August 10th/24th & September 21st)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Searching – 33 Queen
The Morning After – Fallout
Let The Music Use You – Nightwriters

An amazing memory from partying /DJing around 88-89

For us Energy and Sunrise were the highlights. They were first massive music events since the 60’s – 30,000 people all having it in a field! Good times!

Why is now the time to revisit such an era at Sankey’s Ibiza…

It’s been over 25 years and it’s time to relive those memories as those who were partying back then their kids are now grown up and they wanna rave again! Plus you have to reach out to the new generation and bring the sound to them as well!




Danny Rampling

(May 25th, September 28th)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Lee Coombs – ‘Phazon’

Steve Mac – ‘This is Acid’

Kenny Jammin Jason – ‘Can You Dance’

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

We had our first experience of Amnesia in the open air in ‘87 and returned back to the UK…and with the inspiration of Ibiza created Shoom, Future and Trip. The UK scene exploded and we all headed to Ibiza en mass in the summer of ‘88. That summer was incredible and the one night that stood out was DJ Alfredo playing the Opening Party of Amnesia playing the theme from Hill Street Blues at around 11am when the club was closing . The perfect theme tune to an extraordinary party. That night and summer opened the floodgates of the pilgrimage to Ibiza and to dance to house music and Balearic in the open air. The Summer of ‘88 was when we termed Alfredo’s open music policy as Balearic Beats. The summers of 88-89 were incredible and created great positive change to youth and music cultures .The scene was born and so much great music was  produced.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

Ibiza has so much to offer musically with clubs and international DJs. One thing Ibiza has lacked in recent times is a night presenting the heritage of the island\s Acid House culture and the DJs who pioneered the scene and music. Now is also great timing as people want to explore the early roots of the culture and original clubbers want to hear the original music and continue to enjoy the heritage and culture. There is a great vibe around the 88/89’ night. We can never go back to that unique period of Ibiza, however we will present that feeling through the music and the vibe on the night. I will play modern acid alongside updated originals and some classics creating an exciting sound to dance to. The last three years in London, Acid 303 music has been on the rise in the underground with a whole new wave of DJs and producers taking the foundations and the spirit of the 303 Acid sound and making it modern. Seth Troxler’s Acid Future in London 2015 where I played an acid set to great response from 3000 people in the room AF just demonstrated the new scene with 7000 up for the party club heads in attendance. I’m looking forward to the opening night playing alongside Mr C, Bushwacka!, Alfredo and Nicky Holloway. In my opinion the spirit of Acid House has never gone away, it’s always there just under the radar in the underground clubs. Acid House isn’t about LED lighting and VIP booths tables…it’s about the music, the crowd, the dancing and the DJ playing. Acid house is about strobe lights, smokey dark underground spaces and open air parties. See you on the dancefloor…



(June 1st)

3 tunes you will definitely be spinning at Dance 88/89’ at Sankey’s Ibiza this summer…

Without doubt I’ll be playing…

‘Drop That Low”’- Angger Dimas + South Central

‘Fever’ – Endor

…and the Alex Preston remix of  ‘Gimme Sum’ by Slop Rock

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

Well amazingly enough Dan, I can actually remember two brilliant times! Performing and MCing at Amnesia in the very early morning in 87/88 with the UK and Spanish crew with the sun reflecting off the mirrored pyramid – years before the roof went on. Back in the UK, Sunrise was pretty special. Pulling up in the dark, not knowing where we were ending up, parking the car, walking down the field and seeing thousands of people, lights, lazers nestling between the hills. I performed ‘Everything Starts With An E’ and the  place went mad! From the stage I could see people I grew up with dancing on the grass, the atmosphere was incredible…justreally good vibes.

Why is now the right time for such a party at Sankey’s Ibiza?

I was at Sankey’s a few times last summer, the sound system is mental, the roof terrace is really chilled and the crowd were up for it. They put a  lot of really popular, varied bass heavy nights on. A lot of tracks at the moment are sampling or emulating sounds we were discovering at the start of the scene, they’re working those different elements into original productions so it makes sense to show the younger clubbers and producers where some of the music they listen to now derived from; it’s good for them to be historically aware . So many original tunes still get played and they’ve stood the test of time. I’m really wary of trying to rekindle old nights and getting caught up too much in the ‘old skool’ anniversary nights, but this doesn’t feel like that. I’m having hits now and I appreciate the past but I’m forward thinking. The solo tracks I make now appeal to a younger crowd, as do my DJ sets and I collaborate with different younger international producers on original tracks including ones like ‘Ragga Nation’, where they’ve used my vocals from ‘…E’ that I recorded as far back as 87. The combination of past and future keeps the current scene contemporary, the party at Sankey’s will keep things fresh, fluid an  bring all the best combinations of everything positive from those two summers. It’s good to mix things up, that’s the way we used to party…

Graeme Park

(June 15th, June 29th, July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, August 17th, August 31st, September 14th & September 28th)



3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

‘The Chase’ – Model 500

‘Hijack The Beat’ – Groove (that’s one of my own productions that I released on my old Submission label)

‘When We Used To Play’ – Blake Baxter

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

I can’t remember. All I can remember is the music.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

The time is always right for pioneering acid house music.


Colin Dale

(June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd & August 21st)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Joey Beltram – ‘Energy Flash’
R-Tyme – ‘R-Theme’ (Mayday mix)
Phuture – ‘We Are Phuture’

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

For me the best memories all centre around the illegal parties that were springing up in London. I also love nights like Shoom, Pyramid and Spectrum.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

I definitely think Sankey’s are doing it the right way in how they are going about not only doping the night but also creating a vibe. Some of this music was released before some of the younger kids coming were born, so if they do want to check out where the music came from then no better way to do it than to feature people that were movers and shakers at the time.


Judge Jules

(August 24th & September 21st)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Phase 2 – ‘Reaching’

Patti Day – ‘Right Before My Eyes’

Doug Lazy – Let It Roll

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

The fact that I have any memory at all is remarkable in itself. I played most of the biggest Acid House orbital raves in that era, such as Sunrise, Back to the Future and Biology – and as the DJ I needed to stay relatively sober, unlike most of the crowd!

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

The one problem with that era was that the sound systems of the time were dire compared to those of today. Hearing 25 year old immortal tunes on a 2016 state of the art sound system is reason enough to come to Sankey’s throughout the summer.


Trevor Fung

(June 22nd)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Mr Fingers – ‘Can You Feel It’

Shalor – I’m In Love’

Orbital – ‘Chime’

One amazing memory frompartying around 88/89’…

Dropping ‘Fallout’ the morning after Sunrise at 6am with 20,000 people all still havin’ it…

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

28 years on and this era lives in dance music culture and the tunes still sound as sweet, I am looking to forward to seeing old and new faces.


DJ Lipmaster Mark (Ratpack)

(June 8th, June 29t & August 3rd)


3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

‘Promised Land’ – Joe Smooth

‘Chime’ – Orbital

‘Let The Music (Use You)’ – Night Writers

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

Playing at our own Trip City in Roseberry Avenue, London. Taking the lift to the basement and when the door opened you were greeted with a phatt pumping sound system playing Acid House music, a strobe light, smoke machine and hundreds of people screaming “Aciiiiiiiiiiid!”. I’ll never forget that experience for the rest of my life, amazing nights.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

People from all generations love the 88-89 era and the legacy it started…and although (in my eyes) it never went away, there is a huge demand for the music again. Sankey’s is the perfect venue to bring this party to Ibiza because it will bring together the Northern and Southern ravers for an amazing night with the best music, best DJs and the best atmosphere…

Nicky Holloway

(May 25th)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

Index – ‘Give Me A Sign’

Ralphi Rossario – ‘I Want Your Love

Backdoor Merchants – ‘Naughty Buisiness’

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

In 88/89’ every week you went out with one set of friends and came back Monday morning with a completely new set.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but I think it’s about time these millennium youngsters learnt how to party properly as quite frankly they are all a bit pussy to be honest…


Frankie Valentine

(June 22nd)

3 tunes you will definitely be playing at Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza this summer…

‘The Path’ – Fingers Inc.

‘Choice Of A New Generation’ – Rocky Jones

‘Perfect World’ – Joe Smooth

One amazing memory from partying around 88/89’…

Playing at Sunrise in the aircraft hanger, watching crazy dancing that became the trend to then come outside to see daylight, the police and helicopters flying overhead.

Why is now the time for such a party in Ibiza at Sankey’s Ibiza?

The 1st Son of House Music Is Back! Why Not!




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