Having release on a variety of top labels, Darko De Jan’s latest venture comes forth on Transpecta! His latest ‘Interlaken EP’ demonstrates the melodic tastemaker’s prowess in the studio! We find out more bout Darko and the inspiration behind his latest EP…

Hi Darko, how are you?
Thrilled for the interview invitation. Super excited to have few words with one of my favorite magazines. It’s an honor.

How was your summer?
The summer was very chilled, as I was really looking forward to a proper vacation and spending some quality time with the family. However, I had few small local gigs and one of them was playing alongside Hernan Cattaneo.

We are digging the new EP! Tell us about your relationship with Transpecta and how you came to release on the label?
With every label that I signed till present day, I’m keeping professional and good relationship. Transpecta for me was unknown label until the day they contacted me, requesting a remix to one of their first releases. They were happy from what I delivered and suggested one more project. For a new label, I saw a lot of passion and dedication in their work, which was the main reason for us to discuss and create a yearly release plan. Really delighted to be onboard this label and I’m honestly looking forward for even greater Transpecta 2018.

How would you describe your sound?
I was always following the music scene and making sure my production is at its forefront. But not always creating what was really in my heart. Last 2-3 years I decided to change that and focus more on my melodic, groovy and dark sound. Will describe it in 4 words: dark melodic progressive techno.

Were you always musical growing up?
I honestly never played any instruments before. Since childhood, music has always been my obsession. Following charts, radio shows, DJ-ing, clubbing was always my “priority”. That was even one of the main reasons why I didn’t finish my law studies on time.

What inspired you to start making electronic music?
The electronic music has always played a huge role in my life. Besides playing it, I’ve always wanted to learn how a track is being created. I knew that a day would come when only DJ-ing won’t fulfill me, but the production will be my next step. Thanks to Youtube, Google and a friend’s advice, I started rolling and the first track was created, which by the way was my first Beatport Top 50.

How has living in Dubai shaped your career and your sound?
Dubai is one of the most popular destinations not just for tourists, but for DJ’s, artists, singers, performers, etc. A place where every day you get to see, meet and learn from the best. I was lucky enough to have some of the best high-end club residencies in the country, which gave me the opportunity to host almost all of the Top100 DJ’s in the world. Playing alongside these names and exchanging knowledge, gained me lots of experience, enhancing my creativity in developing my sound.

Tell us about your relationship and work with Armani?
I was part of the pre-opening team of the club and ended up being its resident DJ for 5 years. Had really amazing time there, played some great events and hosted some of the worlds leading DJs.
Currently, I have my residency at one of the Top50 Bars in the world – GoldOn27, situated in the one and only 7* hotel Burj Al Arab.

Where is your favorite place to travel to DJ?
2012 I had a tour in Brazil (Rio, Sao Paolo, Juiz De Forra, Cuiaba, Florianopolis, Goiania). Can’t describe the feeling DJ-ing there. Definitely, would love to do it all over again

And your favorite place to relax?
In my home country of Macedonia of course, including the Aegean and Adriatic area.

What is your studio set up like to make such unique music?
Very simple. I have my computer, sound card, 2 speakers, a keyboard and the rest is all software. A sound engineer does my mastering.

What does the future hold for Darko De Jan? Any further goals and ambitions to accomplish?
Good question. Each day has its challenges however, I face each head on and get trough each day. At the moment my goal is to finish my forthcoming EP.

Interlaken EP is out on the 21st November 2017! Pre-order it here: