David Zowie

The chant of the summer is here – House Every Weekend

Interview by Dan Prince

David a big welcome to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you today?

Kent Dan, Garden of England.

What was the first piece of music you heard this morning after rolling out of bed…

Vikter Duplaix.

Dude – ‘House Every Weekend’ – has this track a history or what??! DMCWORLD picked up on the tune last year and some twelve months later it is finally slotted for release virgin EMI in May. Please talk us through the history and sound of the track…

The track was an embryo I made in the studio. It was played at a house party with friends. They had it on repeat for a couple of hours! A DJ who was at the party then asked for a copy and played it out. That led to others asking for the track. Annie Mac, Pete Tong and The Magician picked up on it. The rest is history.

‘House Every Weekend’ hit the big Miami Buzz Chart No 1 position as Miami Music Week kicked off – did you see that one coming?

I see it coming from a mile away! Jokes…of course I never expected it. It has gone round the world in 80 days…well about 180 days. Miami!

When I told the Buzz Chart king Guy Garrett I was interviewing you today, he shouted across the office… “we are loving David Zowie – he is part of the new generation of house music and the track is sure to be the chant of the summer”. Is that what you had in mind for the track when creating it?

Thanks Guy!! Well, the initial concept was to create a feel good track based on the lyrics, originally the woman sang about staying in the house every weekend, not going out…so I flipped the vocal to something positive.

What are the 5 big tunes in your box, please give us a few words on each… 

– Beesmunt Soundsystem – How I Wish

Beautiful piano and vocal, still love this track.

– The Glitz – Dirty Bride

Dirty bass, love the switch at the drop.

– Chris Lake – Chest

Exciting, hype tune, makes me want to fly to the USA!!

– Shiba San – Okay

Still a certified banger

– Mary J Blige – Right Now (Shadow Child Remix)

Great production, great track

Okay let’s rewind for a moment. We are all heralding this new grassroots UK producer in 2015, but how old were you when you first started to get into dance music…

I loved the whole early 90’s house and rave scene, then hip hop took over for years. Around 12 I had the 2 wooden decks hooked up, then SoundLabs..then aged 16 I finally got a pair of Technics 1200s from a club I was playing at. I got into collecting records, buying 2 copies of anything I could to cut up and got into ’turntabilism’ etc. Enjoyed the whole house and garage scene for a few years and always made tracks around this time.

When did the idea of actually having a career in music actually start to form in your mind…

When I saw the online reactions of the track I realised this could be the start of something. I remember using glass milk bottles for percussion…after watching Beat Street! I remember and get reminded of using the pedal bin as a hi-hat and empty ice cream tubs as drums etc  

What did your family think of your dream?

Always supportive although maybe sometimes doubtful! I love them.  

First big break in the music industry?

This is my first big break. Huge respect to Jason Ellis at Positiva and the whole Virgin EMI team, Mike Weiss at Nervous Records and to my manager Elroy Johnson for the support and help pushing #HouseEveryWeekend. 

Who are the producers around the world you are giving high fives to right now?

DJ Fresh, Adam F, Shiba San, Chris Lorenzo, Dusky, SKT

The last 12 months has seen a real upsurge and popularity of house music again, veteran US producers are back on form, kids around the world are learning to sing on the dancefloor again and there are so many new producers coming through. For some it never went away – but it’s great to have house music back huh?

Yeh it’s great, especially as the underground artists are now getting the credit they deserve. It’s exciting hearing the classic producers, how their sound has changed but still holds that essence. When music is underground it’s a lot more cool.. but when it’s in the limelight its easier to access.

3 bucket list adventures you wanna do in your lifetime…

1. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World – is there 7??

2. Terracotta Army, China

3. Drive Route 66 

Not many people know this but David Zowie is really good at…


Your guilty pleasures song, come on – everyone has one!

There are a few…Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby, Kriss Kross – Jump, Wham – Club Tropicana…are they guilty?

And finally – what is coming out next studio wise…

A second single then some sort of album.