DMCWORLD AWARDS 2015 – John Norman

A year of wandering turntables, Technotronic on the school run and dark sweaty London clubs

Tune of 2015

Tiger Stripes – “Detroit” on Truesoul

Your best DJ moment of 2015

My gig at a small club in London in September. There were no lights in the room except the lights from the bar – and the energy from the crowd was insane

Your worst DJ moment of 2015

I was playing a set in my hometown right before moving to Toronto and using ALL the gear – 2 CDJ2000 and 2 turntables. The turntables were on the far outsides of the booth and at one moment I had all 4 going. It was a beautiful moment, the peak of the set…and the far table started to wander. So I had to stretch my arms out to their max across all the gear just to ride the pitch to keep the crazy mix going. And of course, everyone pulled out their cameras! In the end it didn’t work out and I had to take the track out, which was disappointing, because it would have been so cool if I could have kept it going

Guilty pleasure track of 2015

Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic. My daughter and I listen to it while we drive to her soccer games to get her pumped up!

DJ of the year

Derrick May

Label of the year

KMS Records

Best breakthrough producer

Roberto Capuano

Best DJ argument of the year

I don’t pay attention to the drama. Make music, not noise

Most annoying record of 2015

Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

Best piece of studio kit launched in 2015

Flare Audio R2PRO Titanium in-ear headphones. They are very comfortable and have enabled me to keep writing while travelling like nothing before

Biggest loser of 2015

Ten Walls

New Years Resolution?

Learn Spanish. I’ve been going to Spain for too many years now, there’s no excuse anymore