How, where and when did you first get into electronic music in Austria?

I can’t remember when it was but early 80s I recognized when my dad was listening to electro pop and synthie pop music like the Pet Shop Boys, Depesche Mode, Alphaville. Duran Duran was one of my personal favorites. I know very well that I liked the groove and of course that special snaredrum sound. The electronic music which I was playing later I started listening when I was 16 years. My first club experience was at P1 in Vienna. A legendary after hours venue called „Blue Planet“ and it was so hypnotizing for me in that decade of my life.

What is the scene like now? Is there an underground? Is it thriving?

Austria is very special, Vienna maybe more special than every other capital of the world. Everyone is thinking that Vienna is the city of musicians and that music (electronic dance music) is what the city stand for but after 20 years in the business I can say that it’s a great city but without special musical melting points. We have really nice underground clubs like Pratersauna or Grelle Forelle and also Clubs between underground and commercial music like Volksgarten, a very traditional club by the way. In Summer there is one really nice hotspot, perfect for real parties with Ibiza open air party feeling in the middle of Vienna, next to the new danube (the part where you can go swimming) called Vienna City Beach Club, my summer residency where I feel really happy with. 

What sounds are big in Austria? Do you make music that bears the hallmarks of your homeland, would you say?

There’s no special sound in Vienna but the techno and tech house beats are dominating I think. Goa and Psytrance and also Drum’n Bass are also big. Before the big EDM wave came, House & Club sound was that Club thing and of course Pop, Hip Hop & Rn’B because that was in the radio getting the big support.

You have various different alias’s, how do you know what music will come under each name?

I focus on Elian Dust, I worked with my friend and former partner Daniel years ago on different projects and my main dj project. I don’t want to drop here the names because I would like that people are not biased. I produced and played house and trance music, a lot of gigs every year. Since 2017 I focused on tech house and house music with my first facebook Profile name Elian Dust. In that year I started with networking, more djing and producing more tech & house beats.

What’s it like to get support from Pete Tong on Radio 1? Does it inspire you in the studio?

Support on one of the biggest radio stations of the world and special for electronic dance music, support from a legendary artist who’s name I know since I started playing records in clubs. I am really happy with every kind of support but this is very special and very motivating of course.

Do you know when a tune is done that it will be a big one or do they all feel the same when finished?

I have my favorites of course, some tunes are nice and ready in about 3-4 days, some tunes won’t get finished, I do something here and there but I am not 100% satisfied. Oger was my biggest love from the first Elian Dust tunes, Movin was nice for me, the Vocalpart was really special but for me it was a standard tech house tune. At the end Movin was THAT tune everybody was playing and Pete Tong choose that one and not Oger.

What else have you got coming up or are you working on this year?

I can’t say to much but, 2 of 4 new tracks for IMS are ready. Some of the big tech house labels passed on my last demos but I got a really good feedback. My mission is definitely 2020, that should be the year that everything comes together. I am thinking about an EP end of the year, maybe an album I don’t know now. 

Tell us about your new EP on Juicy Traxx – what inspired or influenced it?

I’ve known Robbie, the living House legend from Miami, for a long time. I played on some Juicy Events and released Electro House 10 years ago on his label. Candyman was still ready, I sent to Robbie with 3 other snippets and he choosed the progressive tune Call Saul aswell. The first project name was „drugs“ cause we had that vocals about „selling drugs“ but it was a little bit too special I think so we decide to change that. This special first vocals inspired me and of course the feeling from progressive house music which I played 10 years ago.

How do you get such a warm and rubbery sound? Is that on purpose or does it just happen?

I always try to include warm sounds and pads are that thing for me. My passion was trance and if it fits the track I try to use warm pads, strings and effects. Wait for my upcoming tracks, I can say that one is very special with a sounding that blows you away and is perfect for very very special dj sets, when the time has come and it will be out, you will know what I was talking about 😉

Are there things you still want to achieve, labels to release on, gigs to play?

I just want to release my music on labels who appreciate with a good network and djs who are supporting. Good music will always find the way to the audience and the dance floors. I reached a lot for an Austrian dj and I am very thankful to live from what I love to do, making music, playing records, celebrating parties with fans and friends.. and doing nice interviews about my life. Thank you!

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