Hailing from the small Italian town of Positano, the post-club outfit has been based in Sweden for the past seven years. Now self-proclaimed Swedish nationals, two thirds of the trio have followed their Italian roots back to Milan as the group discovered a new found need to portray and develop their Swedish/Italian link through their forthcoming work.

Now the trio is preparing for the long awaited release of their debut album, Overnight‘, with ‘Laek’ being their fourth and final release before the album drops. DMCWORLD jumps in for another world exclusive…


Emmecosta, nice to meet you all. How are things going?

Hi there! Everything is fine with us, nice meeting you here.

Can you tell us a bit more about the band?

We have been playing together for quite a while now. Moved to Sweden to get more inspiration.

You have grown up in Positano, Italy but are now based in Sweden. Which place has influenced your music the most?

Italy is always there in the background, but perhaps Sweden plays a bigger role regarding creativity.

You have just dropped your latest single ‘Laek’ in preparation for your album ‘Overnight’ coming out on the 14th of April. How would you explain the overall vibe of this album, and how does this single fit this theme? 

 The album is a dense journey about relationships and “Leak” is there pointing the way.

Can you explain your creative process when making ‘Overnight’?

We always try to build an emotional geography in order to structure the mood. The writing process has been done in different moments and places.

As this album is your debut album, how is this different from other projects you have put out? 

Probably this a tipping point for us. Coming out with a first album after a couple of ep’s gives the right texture to our music.

What are some takeaways that you hope people get from your album?

We would love to build a connection somehow.

Do you have a track that was your favourite to make? Why is that? 

Oh, ‘UmaybeU’ for sure! It was the first track we wrote for this album!

Can you give us any insight on what we can expect from your new album? 

Post-Club beats and dreamy relationships psychedelia.

Great to chat with you today and wishing you all the best with the album release! To finish, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you can let us in on?

Thanks for having us!