Hi Dan, for those who don’t know – who is Endor and what can they expect to hear from your music?

Endor is a three year old project that began while I was at uni… almost leading me to drop out! I’ve been making music in my bedroom since I was 15 years old, and now I get to do it for a living. My music is high energy, UK centric and bass driven.

Your new track ‘Snake Charmer’ has been in the Buzz Chart for the last two weeks running – it’s an unusual track that’s quite different from your other productions, what inspired you to head down that route?

It was a really nice surprise to make it into the Buzz Chart! That’s a first for me, and I never expected it would be something as bonkers as Snake Charmer. I made the track for my DJ sets… I wanted something slapstick and eccentric that would stand out from the overabundance of serious dance music. I think my DJ pals have really got on board with the idea!

How has it gone down at your shows?

Surprisingly well!

Speaking of shows, you were booked to play the recent Beatherder festival for the second year in a row? That doesn’t happen very often – what makes Beatherder so special?

It was so great to be back! The charm of Beatherder comes from the detail they put in to the set and scenery. It isn’t the biggest festival in the world, but in every nook and cranny you’ll find something you weren’t expecting. There a little village in the forest with rows of houses, and each house is packed with muddy ravers and DJs. There’s something for everyone, every genre from gritty techno to bubblegum pop.

Looking at your socials, you seem to be one of these artists who is quietly building a huge following for themselves, would you say things have happened organically as Endor, or has there been a game plan?

I like to think my fanbase is pretty organic. It’s grown slowly but surely rather than spiking from a big radio tune… and that’s the way I prefer to do it; die hard, heavily engaged followers who are coming on a musical journey. I love my fans, the impact they have on my work is greater than they know!

You’re well known for your bootlegs and remixes – are there any which stand out for you, or which you feel really put you on the map?

The “Skream – In For The Kill” remix really did great things for me, I’ve never had that much DJ support before. I’ve actually got something else in the pipeline that I made with my little bro Khalifa Cyrus. So watch this space!

What’s the ultimate aim or goal for Endor? Which are the big shows / labels that you’ve got on your bucket list?

The goal for me is just to carry on making music that fulfils me and makes people dance. I’ve learnt not to chase record deals, festival bookings and money. From now on it’s just about self expression. It sounds like hippy bullshit but once I learnt to produce without “agenda”, my music became so much more interesting. I hope the Snake Charmer EP is testament to that! I just feel lucky do be doing music.

And finally, what have you got lined up between now and the end of the year? Anything we ought to know about?

I’m playing at The Guild Hall in Preston in October which should be sick, the line up is huge. I’m also working on securing some extra cool acts for my Facebook livestream series (you can check them out on my facebook page) and mostly importantly… the Snake Charmer EP which is out now…