DMCWORLD checks in with the on fire Danish producer who follows up a stream of massive singles with his latest release ‘OMG It’s LIT Vol 3’…


Happy New Year Faustix – how are you?

I’m great guys, thanks for the noise and letting me join you today!

Where in the world are you right now?

I’m living just 30 minutes north from Copenhagen in Denmark – a small city near the beach. This is where my family and I are based – and of course where I have my studio.

Can you explain to our readers the meaning behind your name?

Actually it’s a funny story. Back when I was 16 I started working at McDonalds and I received the nickname “Faust” like the guy George Faust who sold his soul to the devil. The guys working at McDonalds thought that I had sold my soul by working there haha. I guess the name Faust always stuck with me and when my manager and I were finding me an artist name we came up with “Faustix”.

What is the best thing about being Danish?

Haha, I think it’s our pastries and food. We have simply just some of the best in that area.

You have just released ‘OMG It’s Lit’ Vol.3 – how does it differ to Vol 1 & 2?

I kinda started making VOL.1 & 2. based on moods. Back when I did them I was really into jungle terror and that urban moombahton sound. It’s the same thing with VOL.3 but currently I’m playing a lot of psy-trance in my sets – I like how it works with the crowd so I decided to make tracks for myself to play instead of just playing others. So the difference lies in that aspect.

What is your favourite track on the EP and why?

I think it’s “The Brakeoff” as it was the first track that I did on the EP. It was like the stepping stone for me to finish the rest of the EP. The baseline is also super nice on that one.

Can you tip us on any electronic acts to watch out for in 2019?

I’m really loving these guys named Zookeepers and also Danish artist Stoltenhoff.

What is the worst gig you have ever played?

Wow, where do I start?! I think it was at a high school or university party where nothing worked and the kids were simply just too drunk and yeah, it was chaos.

Where can people come and find you this year? (Festivals, gigs etc)

Well right now I can’t tell when and where. But I can tell you I have been booked for some big festivals In Denmark. So people need to keep up on instagram etc.

Finally, what would be your dream B2B?

Well, if David Guetta called I wouldn’t say no. He really seems like a laid-back and cool guy!