Giorgia Angiuli

One of Italy’s rising superstars live and direct

Interview by Ian Fleming

Giorgia Angiuli is the latest prodigious talent to emerge from Italy. A regular at Bpitch Control for over 3 years, her latest work brings her to Einmusika, a label for which she seems perfectly suited. We decided to put some questions to the lady herself recently, and here’s what she had to say for herself…

What have been the highlights of your year so far?

It’s been a busy year! I became part of a new agency representing me in Italy, LATERRA Management, owned by DJ Ralf, and I’ve consolidated my relation with the agency Live is More, who now represent me worldwide. I’m working very hard l and I understand how important it is to work with people that you respect and that believe in your music and your potential.

What’s the best party you’ve ever played at and why?

Ralf in Bikini, a party organized on the beach in Italy at Cattolica. 15,000 people and an incredible energy! And, of course, Fusion Festival near Berlin, which I think is the best festival I’ve been to in my life! Magical.

What’s the one big tune you always reach for on special occasions?

Since I play live sets and I’m not a DJ I can’t answer your question.

What do you think makes a special party?

First of all a good sound system, nice crowd and the right lights! In order to create a magical box I think all these ingredients should match together!

How would you define your live set?

I play only live sets and my music is a crossover of many genres including house, deep house, pop and techno. I studied classical guitar and I played for many years in a new metal band. Only after these experiences I started with electronic music, that’s how I could collect so different influences to produce my music. An important part of my set-up are my analogue synths, I’m in love with the analogue sounds. And of course my toys! This is a real passion and I started collecting them and I love to insert their sounds in my songs.

Can you talk us through your EP on Einmusika? What was the idea behind it?

I’m very happy that I signed this EP to Einmusika because it’s a label that I really respect. With this EP I wanted to give space to the pop side of my music, combining this side with the last two years experience in the clubs, and I’m very happy about the results. For the production of it I used my guitar, electric bass, voice, synths. You can listen to this EP at home sitting on your couch but it’s at the same time very energetic, melodies have a very important role in it.

So how did it end up there? Is it a label you’ve admired for some time?

I just sent a demo, because I follow the label since a long time and the music produced by Einmusik. I had the pleasure to mix the tracks with him in his studio and he was really professional and talented. He knows exactly what he does and he’s focused on music not on the marketing aspects, I mean he’s a real musician and I really hope to work with him in future again. This label creates a perfect balance between beats and melodies and they don’t care about DJs only. Nowadays looks like music should be produced for DJs only, well I’m not a DJ and I was so happy to work with a label that takes care first of all of the quality of the music… 

So did It end up as you’d hoped for? Were you going for a deep vibe from the start?

Yes, and I’m very happy after many months to release an EP that can represent me totally, without compromises…it’s simple, spontaneous and immediate.

Can you talk us through some of your recent productions and the vibe you were going for with them?

In MY last productions I’ve researched the melodic aspects of the tracks in order to create music that can call to mind images and memories.

Where else have you released music? And what do you consider your proudest moment to date as a producer?

I worked 3 years exclusively with Bpitch Control with my previous project We Love and 2 years ago I started my solo project Giorgia Angiuli and I’ve signed tracks on different label: KMS, Wow Recordings, Harry Klein and I made featured two amazing songs with my friends Raw District on Crosstown and Souvenir Music.

So when you get in the studio, what do you start with when you’re making tracks? Do you just jam and see what happens or go in with an idea?

Yes I start jamming…I switch on my synthesizers and there is never a method. It’s strictly connected with the mood of the day.

Have you ever thought about setting up your own label?

Yes many times but I think it’s not the right moment yet…because it takes a lot of energies and I think I still need to find the right persons to work with. I just know that it won’t be exclusively a label for dance music…I would love to work with classical composers on different projects.

What’s next on the agenda for you that you’re really excited about?

All We Want festival and Carl Cox & Friends party!

Giorgia Angiuli’s Underskin Harmony is out now on Einmusika