Glow In The Dark

ADE 2012 Special

Tunes of the week

We heard so many tunes during this ADE12, our ear’s almost exploded but if they would, it would be a positive bang! There’s so much good music but we decided to choose tunes we’ve played and worked on together with our team, Chuckie, Junxterjack and Genairo Nvilla…

Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise


Genairo Nvilla – Lion


Party of the week

Unfortunately we’re not Super Mario and Luigi so we can’t jump into different levels / parties in a split sec! But no worries, we did visit a couple like “The Million Plan” party, the Mixmash label night and of course – and this is our party of the week: “Dirty Dutch Exodus” at the Ziggo Dome=


DJ of the week

According to the world famous DJ Mag it should be Armin Van Buuren. There are definitely some monster’s in this year’s top 10, but we go for DJ Chuckie. This because we actually watched him play this week in front of a really big and versatile “Dutch” crowd, which is difficult to entertain sometimes.


Get any work done or was it all about the party?

We got a lot of work done, especially in the studio. We worked on some new fresh music with Gregori Klosman, Betatraxx, Junxterjack and The Million Plan. Also networked with some great new and big artists who are definitely in for collabs. But we keep that on a shhhh until those are started up


The person to watch in 2013 who shone at ADE?

Keep an eye on Junxterjack, who produced this year’s Dirty Dutch anthem with Chuckie


Best gossip heard

We can’t really recall because there are way too much of them. Best one this week; Barack Obama stays president!