Henrik B

The magical man from Sweden can do no wrong. ‘Echoes’ all over again

Interview : Dan Prince

Henrik welcome back to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

“Hey, thanks. I´m in Stockholm doing some Christmas shopping.”

Well you have done it again! Caused mayhem on the world’s dancefloors, this time thanks to your collaboration with Niklas Gustavsson and Peter Johansson for ‘Echoes’, a track that has been receiving support from the likes of Hardwell, Tiesto, Avicii and David Guetta. Talk us through the making of this stunning record, it amazes me that you all were in the same place at the same time!

“Niklas and Peter introduced me to the sample of the Police “Voices Inside My Head” and I immediately felt that this was something we needed to do. This was late 2011. I played the nearly finished version for the first time out at Ushuaia in Ibiza in the summer of 2012. And the response was mind blowing!”

Do you ever argue about music with each other?

“It’s been a long journey with countless versions of the track and a lot of arguing yes! But we always had the same goal, which was to not settle for less than perfect!”

The tune now comes with re-workings of the original from Italia duo Merk & Kremont, Spencer Brown and rising Swedish duo WeSmile. Why were these guys top of the remix list and what do you think they have brought to the record?

“I think a remix really should be a remix and really feel like a new version of the original track. By that I mean that it must not be a totally new track. Merk and Kremont added some funkiness, WeSmile some really nice melodic elements and Spencer took added the deep progressive touch, making it a solid remix package!”

You have recently been on tour over in the States, XS in Vegas looked mental! As a crazy year draws to a close on the dance in in the US, how do you think the scene has changed/developed in 2013?

“Yes, my several months-long North American tour has been fantastic. The scene in America is growing and growing and there are so many great clubs and festivals. XS and Encore Beach Club was so much fun and I can´t wait to go back next year. 2013 saw the reintroduction of the distorted bass drum. A few tracks would have been cool but it´s really too much of it right now. We need more melodies!”

What is the current top 5 you are spinning?

1. Sick Individuals & Axwell – I AM

2. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii edit)

3. Denis The Menace – Talking About Love

4. The Killers vs Cazzette – Shot At Night

5. Madeon – Technicolor

You are one of the few producers/DJs on the scene that a few years ago decided to change your musical style, switching from techno to house to quell your creative desires…in your own words you wanted to make more “musical music.” How difficult a process was that for you to make that change and did you receive any resentment from your techno followers?

“The change wasn’t that difficult at all since I only followed my heart. Most of my techno fans are happy for what I did in the techno scene and have an understanding that I can´t really do anything else than what I truly want.”

Who are some of the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“M83, Cazzette, Sick individuals, Madeon…the list goes on…”

You are very vocal of your naming your favourite party location in the world…Ibiza! DMCWORLD were lucky enough to be in the crowd at Ushuaia this summer when you played…so what is it about the white isle that you love so much? 

“There is so much to discover! So many restaurants and amazing beaches! But party wise, I must say that Vegas is very close. I just didn´t know that before!”

Okay let’s hit you with some quick fires…

Your record of 2013:

“Sick individuals & Axwell – ‘I AM’.”

The 1 record you wish you would have made:

“Well one of them is: Miles Davis – ‘Bitches Brew’.”

Your proudest piece of Henrik B production:

“My album ‘Kryoniks’.”

The cheesy pop record you secretly love…

“Beyonce – ‘Halo’.”

Your favourite DJ show in 2013:

“It´s not fair to mention only one: But Mexico City with an audience of 22.000 was sick!”

We mentioned Hardwell supporting ‘Echoes’, it has been quite a year for him scooping the DJMag 100 award – what is your view on this annual poll, how much importance do you put on it?

“To be honest Dan I don´t pay much attention to the DJ Mag list, but it is important!”

What is coming out next from the mighty Henrik B studio…?

“I´m working on about 8 new tracks at the moment and only time will tell which of them will be finished first!”

And finally Christmas is fast approaching, what does Henrik B want from Santa Claus this year? 

“A new MAC Pro would be sweet!”

On 6th January ‘Echoes’ will be released alongside a fresh remix package from Italian duo Merk & Kremont, Spencer Bruno and rising Swedish twosome WeSmile…