Our in-house reviewer MANNIX got down with one of the most successful acts when it comes to Underground Disco in all its manifestations, the mighty HOTMOOD from Mexico.



DMC: You are often described as one of the kings of the Disco Edit. Is that something you can live with or do you see that cliché differently?

HM: Its always great to hear good reviews about my work , but I don’t consider myself being king of the disco edits, I just do what I like with a lot of passion. The rest is up to the consumers.

DMC: You hail from Mexico, a very beautiful country on the one hand side which is associated with violence and drugs via media on the other hand side. What is your opinion and how do you see your country?

HM: In spite of being one of the vastest countries in natural resources , culture and working people, the regime that’s been ruling for more than 80 years has been in charge of privatizing our natural resources and giving people no other option than working with miserable salaries. But during the last elections for the presidential campaign the left wing party won for the first time and so we are all very optimistic for this new change that we all together achieve.

DMC: How is the music scene over there?

HM: The scene in Mexico is a bit difficult, a lot of Techno and not too much Disco.

DMC: You have released on pretty every important Disco label. Have you counted your releases to date?

HM: I don’t remember exactly but I think around 40.

DMC: Many of your tracks have been released on vinyl. How important is that for you and what do you say about the rise of vinyl sales in general?

HM:  When I had my first vinyl out I almost cried, its something hard to explain, only the people that really love old school know what I mean. The importance of vinyl has grown over the last couple of years, a fact that I’m very happy with!

DMC: How can you generate such a huge amount of output without losing quality?

HM: The truth is that with the final quality of my work I’m never completely happy, but that’s what really pushes me to want to make things better each time.

DMC: Please tell us more about your working process? How does a sample get to a track?

HM: This is a top secret (just kidding) It’s an artisanal process, very classic and effective in an old school style.

DMC: You recently have launched your own label. Please tell us more about it and which aims you have with it?

HM: There are many talented people to discover and people who do thing swell, they just need an opportunity to show the quality of their music. That’s what my label Discoweey will be for. Of course I will curate the label and also release some of my own stuff on in.

DMC: Producers who mainly serve up Disco Edits are often reduced to exactly that. This is not the case with you though. You just did serve a beautiful remix of the new Kraak & Smaak jam. Any other remixes planned?

HM: To be honest I’m not a big fan of making remixes, most of the remixes I Produce are done for good friends and artists of which I’m also a fan of.

DMC: Final question: What’s up next for you production wise and when can we finally see you in Europe?

HM: I’m about to release 2 vinyls before this year ends, one of them on Starcreature and the other one on Disco Fruit. Also be prepared for more releases in my label Discoweey. I’m finally planning my tour around Europe for the next summer, which I’m very excited about!

DMC: Thank you very much!