Ibiza 2014 – Tony Truman

Ocean Beach Club – the success story of the summer

Interview : Dan Prince

Hey Tony welcome back to DMCWORLD, wow what a summer – you have rocked it…?!!

“Yes mate, indeed beyond all expectations really. We had two great previous seasons but this year the place has gone to a different level in all aspects. We really could not be any happier with the progress of the club and brand.”

What an insane summer it has been for San Antonio. On one hand you have yourselves, the sunset strip and the boat parties breaking all records…on the other we’ve seen bars closing down on a weekly basis, Gatecrasher making the biggest pigs ear of launching a new club ever and the West End resembling a ghost town. What is going on…is there any way back for San An?

Yes it has been a funny year for many local places, some like us have smashed it and some not I hear. This is always a great shame when you here new ventures have not worked as I am sure places like Gatecrasher had all the best intentions to make San An even better but unfortunately it did not work out this way for them. We are familiar with what happened to them as the same thing happened to us a few years back, but you just have got to live and learn.  San An is moving forward in the right direction for sure and if places in the West End were struggling, maybe some of the venues there need to up their game and make the area a little more desirable than it currently is.”

Cool. Well back at the Prince ranch Lovely Laura’s CDs have been on repeat for two years…a wonderful voice covering some cracking anthems. Her weekly parties are something else…she is an absolute diamond huh?

“Ditto Dan…we all love her, she is a true gem. We were discussing her the other day and the team were saying how sometimes we have some cool DJs playing wicked tunes in the daytime but the dancefloor isn’t rammed, then she comes on and it gets packed in about one minute. Her singing is also incredible, the way she takes classic house tunes and puts her own twist on them is so cool and I am sure it wont be long till she has some hit music of her own as she has a unique combination and the people really love her. Also her and her husband Ben are one of the nicest couples you could ever meet, a pleasure to have them both as friends and work colleagues.”   

Ibiza made the news for all of the wrong reasons in July when Steve Angello, Paul Oakenfold and Afrojack were interviewed on Radio 1 claiming that Ibiza had become too expensive, too VIP and had lost it’s mystique. Most of us who live on the island have different opinions on this, what’s yours…?

“Haha! Well I personally find that a bit rich considering what they all charge and the fact that all of these people have all personally made a fortune out of playing on the island…never bite the hand that feeds you!!!! Yeah maybe it has become too expensive but no more expansive than any other party playground around the world – and because it’s an island and not a city, people say it’s so so expensive!! Stop paying stupid prices for DJs then this will be a snowball effect as clubs will be cheaper to get into and then drink prices might come down as well. This is one of the reasons we feel Ocean Beach has been a success, we don’t and never will pay DJs fortunes and this reflects in our pricing policy…it’s all about value for money.”

Two of my favourite people on the island are Karen and Max…a joy to be around and they are so humble about how lucky they are working at Ocean. They’re great aren’t they?

“Haha, they are the best of the best in my opinion! Myself and Karen have been lifelong friends, we grew up in the same area so I am allowed to say I have known her since she was little!!! She has worked at my Tru’s Do’s parties for over 25 years now and since her and Max have become partners in love and work, they have become a formidable twosome! They bring so, so much humour and joy to everyone at Ocean Beach, the staff and customers all love them a lot! I have got so many hilarious stories about those two’s shenanigans this summer…”

Come on I know you want to, who have been some of the celebrities who have been down this year…

“Dan you love a bit of celeb gossip!! The list is really endless, far too many to mention really as every other day there is someone in there from the world of film / tv / sport / fashion etc. etc. Rory Mcllroy was one of my favourites this summer, he loves Ocean Beach and him and his pals are all top lads who know how to party.”

Paris Hilton earning $200,000 a pop at Amnesia. Thoughts…

“As above really with what I said about the DJ wages, but I suppose there are some DJs who have some real talent. But 200k for her to DJ….wow!!!! On the plus side I suppose she is a global icon for some…and her being on the island brings global PR for Ibiza, so maybe not all bad!! Each to their own I say and apparently she is a nice girl according to some of my friends. She can come and get smashed with me at Ocean any day…but for free of course.”

Ibiza’s most unsung hero…

“The cleaners of the island who clean up the mess of everyone. We totally take these people for granted – we all party, create a mess, cause havoc and someone who does not have this glamorous lifestyle then has to go in and sort it all out. These are my unsung heroes. Thank you guys.”

Clockwork Orange came back with a bang in July, ripping it up at Es Paradis and Sands starring Healy, Peasy, Blocko and co. There is much debate whether a Clockwork weekly would work on the island again or whether they should come back with a one off again. What do you think?

“Yes amazing to have all the boys back and all the old faces (literally) were out in force, what a great weekend it was. As for a weekly, I am not so sure as one off’s are very very special and everyone makes the effort to come. I definitely think they should make this an annual event for sure, the same way I do and if they do they will be guaranteed to remain wicked parties…anyway I don’t think Danny and Andy could keep up with ‘us’ youngsters on a weekly basis anymore to be honest.”

Okay the VW Beetle suspended over the pool – how much was the insurance for that?

“We had to take out aircraft insurance due to the way it flies across the club each week haha!! Yeah a great spectacle, everyone loves that show. I was up there in it the other day as well it was like Herbie Rides Again.”

A quote from White Ibiza last week…”Everywhere you look, people are smiling, hugging, laughing, singing… big groups of friends, newfound friends, a few snogs here and there in the pool… but it’s all in good spirits. The vibe is so uplifting – no posing (selfies aside of course), poncing or bitchiness allowed.” Comments  like that must make you so proud, we got the impression they came down with a few reservations but left totally blown away…?

“Yes I only read this article myself two days ago and I must admit it did fill me with great pride as Miss W is a great writer and does a great island blog. She writes all the time and she always goes to the best places, so her words were very complimentary to us. She really did get the full experience of what we have tried to create at Ocean and the service is of the upmost importance to me as these are the point of contact with the customers all day. It’s funny so many people from all over the islands have so many pre-conceptions about San An and Ocean Beach as they all say ‘ohhh it’s far too ‘Towie’ for our liking.’ But when they actually get off their high horse and come down they all have a great time and love it! I honestly hear that about 20 times a week from people and they are all pleasantly surprised with how much fun they can actually have at Ocean…this fills me with pride and laughter .”

Tell us about your Closing Party…it looks a biggie…

“Yes, as for all the Closing Parties on the island, it’s a party of real mixed emotions, especially for all the staff as everyone genuinely do not want it to end. Last year all the owners and managers took part in all of the, so we all went up on the crane and did our bit. It was brilliant, then I made every single staff member jump into the pool, the place just erupted. I am sure this year there will be even more crazy antics.”  

Your 3 Best Ocean parties of 2014…

“My Tru’s Do’s Pink Party was obviously my favourite for personal reasons, plus the venue being transformed into a pink palace for the day was great to see. The champagne spray in August was the best I think it was so much fun wicked atmosphere as well . the opening party in may was also incredible the busiest day we have ever had so this set the tone for the summer. 

The song that will always remind you of summer 2014 in Ibiza…

“I have got to be honest, I am useless at knowing names of tunes or artists – all the DJs take the piss out of me for this, especially Tom Crane. I don’t know how he can take the piss out of anyone really in those Adidas flip flops that are glued to his feet. Talking of Tom’s feet, you must see his toes…unreal! They are prehistoric…sorry Dan, back to the music…anything our DJs play, I love really cool selective summer vibes…”

The most drunk celebrity at Ocean this summer…

“My ex Charlie Brooks. She can party all day and night, a proper little drunken bum…did I say little bum? It’s huge really…only joking babe!! Jack Whitehall and I got smashed yesterday, with him he can party hard but his tan is so bad he looks like a piece of tracing paper!!!”  

Your favourite DJ of Ibiza 2014…

“All my residents of course…been loving the new additions of Jason Bye and Clara da Costa this year – two Ibiza legends who have fitted in perfectly.”

Loving the Kenny Dope and Tom Crane album…who is next?

“Yes this was a great collaboration for our debut album, a bit of the old and new – they both pulled out some great tunes for it….Next year I have got a great idea for an album, all will be revealed soon.”

One of the things that always strikes me at Ocean is your staff, some of the best on the island without a doubt. One big family right?

“Thank you very much, kind of you to say so and something we are all very proud of – they all work so hard, literally day after day in the boiling heat and always with a smile and good manners. This is of the upmost importance to us and they are like a family to us, we all have a lot of fun together for sure and they are rewarded with a top top staff party at the end of the summer. Last years occasion was one of the best parties I have ever been to in my life…roll on Oct 7th.” 

And finally, this time last year you were working on the Ocean Beach Hotel partnership, what are you working on this time over the winter that will be new for next year?

“Well I can’t fully divulge just yet, but it’s something that’s gonna change the area. We are in quite dramatically again which me and my partners are very excited about. As well as this, we are also making more internal improvements to the beach club with the current Sunset Terrace restaurant becoming a sun terrace with jacuzzis and more beds to chill and party on. Exciting times ahead watch this space.”

Thanks Tony, and thank you for your hospitality this year.

“Always a pleasure Dan, any time mate xx.”